Kindle & Biased Reviews – Thoughts on an article on the Kindle

OK – I’m going to not be my usual polite self and blast this article. I’m also going to list exactly why i think this article (which if i read correctly is sent via email by someone from Compete to the Compete blog) bothers me.

 The link to the Article – The Kindle, amazon’s latest search traffic driver.

The first trend in the article that bothers me is the author’s impressive demonstration that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Amongst other things he manages to say

  1. “Mostly a glorified book and newspaper, the Kindle …” 
  2.  “Clearly, the new reader appeals particularly to this demographic (30 something business professionals). Perhaps its ‘80s throwback design reminds them of a simpler, clunkier time with bigger hair… or maybe they just read more books.”
  3. “In its first two months the Kindle has done well despite its body-only-a-techie-can-love: the initial launch with a paltry number of units immediately sold out, and readers popped up on eBay with markups twice over the original. Just how tired of papercuts are consumers?” 

The article has a demographic comparison of the Kindle against the iPhone which is interesting although completely irrelevant since they are targetting COMPLETELY different market segments and are completely different products. The article has the graph. 

This brings me to the second trend in the article that bothers me i.e. without actually asking customers ‘why’ they bought a Kindle or looking at reviews in detail, the author merely states his assumptions and prejudices.

There’s a lot more i’d say about the post – however, its just a bad form of journalism and bad analysis. It seems that the author is not really doing a proper investigation into the Kindle and is instead merely trying to be funny. And he seems unaware of his lack of talent on that front.

I’d write more about this post – however it seems to me that I have already spent more time (7 or so minutes) writing on his post than the author spent researching and writing it. And Compete is a good company – however seeing amateur, opinionated posts like this on their blog makes me wonder if this reflects their level of work or is just an exception to the rule. I’m mindful of the fact that it is a blog post – however, it is a blog post on the Compete Blog.

Kindle Review from ‘All the Best Bits’

Alright – I’m biased because this review matches my thoughts – however it is a well thought out review.

Starts with ” I have seen the future of books, and it is the Kindle. Or maybe Kindle rev. 2 will be anyway.” , and ends with ” Keep in mind here, that I’m notably particular about gadget design, and that even with these first-generation flaws, I think the device is a winner. I’m definitely looking forward to the next revision. In summary, if you’re a casual or infrequent reader, I’m not sure this is a device or service for you. But for the avid reader, particularly you mobile ones, don’t wait. Get one now.”

My thoughts exactly – if you’re an avid reader then you’ll love the Kindle – Get an Amazon Kindle Now.

 The full review is available at, which has a very nice Douglas Adams inspired subtitle 😉

BTW, I really think there should be some sort of round-up of most requested features and ideas for V2 of the Kindle. And then we should get that over to Amazon – I’m sure if they know that a bunch of Kindle forums and Blogs have gotten together to gather this information from actual Kindle afficiandos they’ll give it more weightage.

Kindle Tips and Tricks Guide from Brent Newhall

Sep 2011: Kindle Tips (133 Kindle Tips) is now available as an active content title in Kindle Store. It’s just one dollar. It has 100+ tips and the option to add your own tips and view tips in a slideshow mode. Please take a look.

Update: Still recommend Brent Newhall’s book strongly. It’s also free online. It’s great to have it on the Kindle so you can refer to it anytime.

If you’re looking for Kindle specific tips online, there are some comprehensive lists –

  1. Kindle 2 Tips.
  2. Kindle DX Tips.
  3. Kindle Tips for Kindle 1.

Brent Newhall’s Kindle Fan Guide – When i first came across this i was somewhat apprehensive – after all, you could just search the forums or this blog (haha) and find tips and tricks. Why spend 5$?

However I’ve gone through the free PDF and its beautiful – so here is my recommendation:

  1. Go through the Free PDF version of the Kindle Fan Guide on your computer and see if you think the Kindle version is worth 5$ (I think it definitely is).
  2. Then head over to the Amazon Kindle Store if you like and buy the Kindle version of the Kindle Fan Guide (some unintentional alliteration there).
  3. Now you have a Guide that you can access anytime – good if you’re in a rush or outside wireless access areas.  You can also get a book version via Lulu although the irony of buying a paper book guide to the kindle does not escape me 😉

Anyways, more details at Brent’s Kindle Fan Guide page. BTW books published on Amazon get 35% to the author (as far as I understand).