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This kindle review compilation is of reviews of the original kindle. If you’re looking for a new kindle review, take a look at my kindle reviews  

  • A detailed Kindle DX Review.
  • A comprehensive Kindle 2 Review.
  • The reviews listed below are for the first generation Kindle –

    1. The best one would have to be Steve Gibson in his Kindle Review . However this is an overwhelmingly positive review. The remaining kindle reviews are more balanced.
    2. A very well balanced Kindle Review by Robert Love . Also, his Kindle Powered by Linux post has some great details on the Kindle OS.
    3. Amazon Kindle eBook Review at BB Gadgets – This is cool since he points out the pluses and minuses quite well.
    4. Rick Tancott has a great ‘first impression of the Kindle’ review at

    I also wrote a kindle review titled Should I Buy A Kindle that you might find helpful.

    Here are a few more thoughts – This section was added January 2nd, 2009. Most Kindle owners love the kindle. Here are some of the biggest pros –

    1.  Being able to get books anytime, and in just 1-2 minutes. 
    2. Being able to sample first chapters of books before buying. 
    3. A range that is increasing – there are now 200,000 + books. 
    4. Changeable fonts are great for people with low vision. 
    5. Long Battery Life. 
    6. Great customer service. 
    7. The Kindle has really taken off so you know there’s going to be support for a long time. 

    And here are some negatives –

    1. The number one problem that kindle owners report is problems with the layout of the buttons. This might be fixed in Kindle 2.0 which is rumored to come out in early 2009 (probably around Feb 3rd week).
    2. The Kindle Case is rather inadequate and you need to add velcro to secure the kindle to its case. This might be fixed in Kindle 2.0 too.  
    3. There’s DRM – no owner ever mentions this – however, that might be because people who have problems with DRM don’t ever buy it. 
    4. There’s no PDF support – you can however have PDF files converted using MobiPocket or using Amazon’s service. 
    5. There haven’t been any software/firmware updates since the first kindle came out. 
    6. There are no folders for organizing your books. 
    7. No sidelight so you have to buy your own reading light.

    The Best Source for kindle reviews, especially reviews of the kindle from actual owners is Amazon’s Kindle Reviews Page.

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    1. CAUTION – my Kindle was recently stolen. I immediately de-registered it but found from Kindle support that there is no mechanism to keep that unit from being registered by someone else. Given the ease of serial number tracking with cross references to a registered account – it seems that this is a real shortcoming on the part of Amazon to provide a higher level of security for these easily pilfered items.

    2. I,m impressed with the reviews on Kindle but will it work for someone living in the Philippines with no credit card based in USA, only in Europe.

    3. you do need a credit card based in the us to be able to buy kindle books. so it wouldn’t. i’d recommend asking amazon support about timelines for support of non us credit cards.

    4. David,
      You will need a credit/debit card issued by a US bank, and a US shipping address to be able to buy the Kindle and to purchase Kindle books.

      I got mine last November 2007 while I was interning in New York City, I kept my bank account open so I can transfer funds to buy books. I’m currently studying here in Manila.

      I heard from someone that you can buy Amazon gift cards or the prepaid Visa cards and use it to buy books, you just provide the US address. I’m not entirely sure if you can buy the gift cards with a foreign credit card. It’s something you might want to explore.

    5. Create an account with a us address and send from your other (e.x. europe) a email gift card to your US account

      Gift card must be first on the us account as OneClick works this way/
      It work fine, I did and keep on doing it

      Happy reading

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