Analysis of the latest 48 Kindle Reviews by Actual Kindle Owners on Amazon

(for purposes of this compilation the last review is the one by Cameron Stevens)

The information in this post is used primarily in – The Kindle Decision aka the $400 Question – Should I Buy a Kindle?

 Here are the statistics – 48 Reviews.

  1. 31 – ***** 
  2. 11 – **** 
  3. 1 – ***
  4. 2 – **
  5. 1 – *

BTW I’ve excluded non owners (who have given it either 1 or 4 stars).

So, why are there so many more positive reviews in this last week. I think its because people’s expectations have been set better now that there are users and reviews and they don’t expect the kindle to solve world hunger. Also, will be interesting to see how many of the 1 and 2 star reviews are from non owners – upates soon.  [Edit: I’ve been going through the 1 star reviews and interesting viewpoints]

0 thoughts on “Analysis of the latest 48 Kindle Reviews by Actual Kindle Owners on Amazon”

  1. Thank you, to whoever invented this “Star Trek” era device!

    It makes my new book available immediately to those who want it, and although I will earn less per copy, the potential is out there to actually sell more copies of this book through this medium.

    I think I might end up making the switch to Kindle myslef…no more lugging!

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