Could this be the Eventual Direction for Kindle Answers NowNow?

My mind’s been stuck on this answer from the Amazon FAQ i.e.

Q: What’s NowNow?
A: (from a customer review) You pose a question and hit submit. Within a few minutes, you get several responses – for free sent to your Kindle. This was extremely helpful when I was away from a computer and just needed a quick answer. This was actually easier than googling because I got three very good answers for every question that I asked.

Alright, this is a really really crazy path to take and i make a few non-obvious jumps – however, stick with me

1) Obviously, people answering a question would almost certainly provide a better answer than Google. The success of Yahoo answers is a good indicator of this.

2) Someone had a write up of how they earned a few dollars in an hour of answering questions for NowNow – this might not seem like much – however what about countries where a few dollars an hour is good money.

3) I’ve heard that every search equates to a certain amount of revenue for Google. I can’t reveal the figure I heard – however the amount is sufficient to warrant ‘actual people’ providing the answer for EVERY search. And this is even if we didn’t have to treat every single search as unique and never repeated.   

What if the next evolution of Search is not really social search but actual search by people on the internet? Wikipedia++

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