How long are Kindle’s wireless features going to be free?

I was looking at something on the Amazon FAQ and it reminded me of a review which talked about how Amazon would at a later point of time charge for internet access. Before I continue here is a question about continued free wireless access and the answer from Amazon.  

Q: What are wireless features and corresponding charges? So, are there any other charges beyond what I pay for books, newspapers, magazines and blogs?
A: Here’s a breakdown:
– Shopping and downloading from the Kindle Store: FREE
– Wireless delivery via e-mail of personal documents to Kindle: ($.10 per attached document).
– Experimental Basic Web: This feature is currently FREE while under development.
– Experimental NowNow: This feature is currently FREE while under development.

Note: You can choose to have translated documents sent to your email instead of to your Kindle and then the $.10 charge doesn’t apply.

Experimental Internet – Well, there’s little doubt that if Amazon thinks they can make money here, then, unless Kindle users refuse to buy books from Amazon any more (or something like that), Amazon will tart charging for internet access.

Experimental NowNow – I think that there is a high possibility that this will get rolled out fullscale – trying to merge this and mechanical turk into an ebay for information services.    

2 Responses

  1. Can you go on F/B on the Kindle?

    • yes. the mobile version works better.
      Please Note: I don’t have a facebook account as such so haven’t used it. This is just what people have said.

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