What formats does the Kindle support?

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Updated now that Kindle Touch (for $99) and other new Kindles are available.

Formats Supported by Kindle natively: Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, Audible (Audible Enhanced(AA,AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC.

Formats Supported by Kindle after conversion: HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BM.

Formats Supported after converting using Calibre: ePub, some others.

Please Note: DRM Protected ePub is not supported. ePub is also not supported – However, ePub that is not DRM protected can be converted using Calibre and then will work on Kindle.

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[ Down the line I want to change this into a ‘how to get different formats onto the Kindle post – however holding off on that for a bit]

(from Computerworld) The Kindle can read only four text-document file formats:

  1. .AZW (Kindle-specific)
  2. .TXT
  3. .MOBI; and
  4. .PRC.

In addition, every Kindle gets its own e-mail address for receiving Amazon-converted documents for $.10 for wireless delivery to your kindle or free for delivery to an email address. Here’s how it works

  1. For Free Conversions – Send email to youraddr@free.kindle.com and the attachments will be converted and sent back in a reply email for free. They will be sent back to your email address and not to your Kindle.
  2. For .10$ Conversions that are sent wirelessly to your Kindle – Send email to youraddr@kindle.com and attachments (including PDF) will be converted and wirelessly transmitted to your Kindle for $0.10.  You set up your email address when you set up your Kindle; it has a whitelist of addresses that may send to it.

The supported document formats are

  1. PDFs – This is Experimental.
  2. Word
  3. HTML
  4. TXT
  5. JPEG
  6. GIF
  7. PNG; and
  8. BMP files. for 10 cents per document. You send the original to your Kindle’s address and your device receives the converted document (only e-mail addresses you authorize can send to your Kindle).

0 thoughts on “What formats does the Kindle support?”

  1. I purchased a new Kindle for my husband for Christmas. I was told that he would be able to download from Barnes and Noble. The file is a epub and the kindle is not showing it on the menu. What do I need to do??

    1. Simply download “Calibre” & convert EPUB files to MOBI files, If DRM protected then 1st download a 3rd party DRM remover (search for one on Google etc). Simples!

    2. Download calibre which is a free conversion program. You will be able to download books from your computer to your kindle fire in the proper format.

  2. youraddr @ free.kindle.com

    youraddr ???

    *** Answer:
    You’re assigned a kindle.com address for your kindle. Perhaps something like ZedsEmail @ kindle.com. This can be found on the Manage My Kindle page.

    replace that with ZedsEmail @ free.kindle.com and mail it. It’ll do the conversion and send the converted document to the email associated with your account. That way you can avoid wireless charges. However, then you’ll have to download to PC and transfer to Kindle yourself.

  3. You can’t send Kindle an EPUB. The previous posting here shows the formats they’ll convert for you! They’re not going to take another e-Book format, and convert it for you. Calibre is the only, and best way I’ve found so far to convert the files from EPUB to MOBI. 🙂

  4. I have download some mobi ebooks, sent them to my kindle from my computer and I can’t see them on the kindle, but when i tried to load them onto the kindle again it said they were already there – do I need to do something different to see these mobi files?

  5. Hi…I’ve bought a French phrasebook e-book from Eton Institute’s website. Will I be able to transfer this to my Kindle? I’m a (very) new Kindle user. It is in PDF format.

    I’m confused as they offer an e-book as well as a book for Kindle. Should I just purchase the Kindle book separately or is it the same thing?

    Thank you!

  6. When using calibre, my kindle doesn’t react when press eject on the computer. >Why is that, and does it do any harm?

    1. Not asking, ‘can you’… as in, “is it technically possible’ to send more than one file, of course. But what’s their policy as to ‘how many’ per email?

      I’ve been reluctant to send these in… why don’t they just share the conversion software? Trying to find a way to profit from the out of print market, I suppose…

  7. Excuse the call… I did the email conversion. One at a time… without a hitch. Worked great… I’d recommend this over fumbling with conversion software that’s out there.

  8. I just got a kindle and I downloaded calibre. When I selected convert it says “could not convert 1 of 1 books because no suitable format was found” I opened the book and it’s in the library why won’t the conversion work?

  9. I have a kindle; it is possible to have a file (MOBI for example) converted into a PDF? I have read here that i can have a PDF converted via the email option… is it possible in reverse?

    1. They do.

      You have to get a Kindle Reading App. There is one for iPad and there is one for Mac.
      If you download the App then all your books are available to read in the App.

  10. Kindle Touch users need to exercise caution about files originating in places other than Amazon. ALL AZW file formats work without exception. We are not saying that something is fishy about Amazon, they have a wonderful product in the Touch. I love it.

    But on occassion your MOBI files which are clearly indicated as such and are Kindle compatible will create this problem for you. The file can be be cut ant pasted to the document directory on the touch but will cause recent downloads if not in the collections to not appear.That downloaded file will also not appear. It will also make it impossible to download and make visible AZW files from Amazon. SOLUTION. using the USB access the documents folder, it behaves like any windows folder, and then delete that file. When this is done, the problem corrects itself.

    THIS HAS BEEN MY EXPERIENCE. It is offered ONLY as such.

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