Kindle Tips – Use GPS and Google Maps on the Amazon Kindle

Sept 2011: Please check out our Kindle Tips App instead of this post. The below tip works only on Kindle 1. The Kindle Tips App has 130+ tips that work on most Kindles. It also lets you view the tips as a slideshow and it lets you add your own tips.

May 2010 Update: These tips only worked on the Kindle 1. Kindle 2 and Kindle DX did not have these shortcuts working. These are supposedly not working on the Kindle 1 any more.

Turn the Amazon Kindle into a GPS navigator.

I’d already posted the Kindle hacks from the IgorS blog. Anyways here’s some more details –
The Kindle seems to have location-awareness in the CDMA module. You can plot your current location on Google Maps when you are in Browser Mode by pressing Alt -1 . The other shortcuts are:
Basic Options: 
Alt-2 find gas station nearby
Alt-3 find restaurants nearby
Alt-5 find custom keyword nearby
Advanced Options:
Alt-D dump debug info to the log and toggle highlight default item
Alt-Z toggle zone drawing and show log
Alt-1 show current location in google maps
I’m hoping some viewers can try it out and comment on how they find the experience. BTW I do have Google Maps on Kindle as part of my Header Image ;)

12 Responses

  1. i have a kindle and i cant get my gps location
    i press alt 1 and i get restaurants that aren’t even nearby

  2. I tried all these shortcuts. Nothing happened.

  3. could you let me know the steps i.e.
    1) go into browser mode
    2) press alt-1.

    and so forth that you followed. thanks,

  4. Sadly, this no longer works on kindle 2 :(

  5. Doesn’t work for me on a kindle 1, 02465. opened browser and hit alt-1. it filled in the box with “Not Avail, Not Avail”

  6. dosent work at all. tried it on my kindle dx, and dosen’t do anything.

  7. I have a Kindle DX, I have tried all the shot cuts and nothing happen. Do I need to be outside of building? or Do I need a GPS locator or something?


  8. Don´t try to do…
    This only works for Kindle 1.

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