Kindle Tips and Tricks Guide from Brent Newhall

Sep 2011: Kindle Tips (133 Kindle Tips) is now available as an active content title in Kindle Store. It’s just one dollar. It has 100+ tips and the option to add your own tips and view tips in a slideshow mode. Please take a look.

Update: Still recommend Brent Newhall’s book strongly. It’s also free online. It’s great to have it on the Kindle so you can refer to it anytime.

If you’re looking for Kindle specific tips online, there are some comprehensive lists –

  1. Kindle 2 Tips.
  2. Kindle DX Tips.
  3. Kindle Tips for Kindle 1.

Brent Newhall’s Kindle Fan Guide – When i first came across this i was somewhat apprehensive – after all, you could just search the forums or this blog (haha) and find tips and tricks. Why spend 5$?

However I’ve gone through the free PDF and its beautiful – so here is my recommendation:

  1. Go through the Free PDF version of the Kindle Fan Guide on your computer and see if you think the Kindle version is worth 5$ (I think it definitely is).
  2. Then head over to the Amazon Kindle Store if you like and buy the Kindle version of the Kindle Fan Guide (some unintentional alliteration there).
  3. Now you have a Guide that you can access anytime – good if you’re in a rush or outside wireless access areas.  You can also get a book version via Lulu although the irony of buying a paper book guide to the kindle does not escape me 😉

Anyways, more details at Brent’s Kindle Fan Guide page. BTW books published on Amazon get 35% to the author (as far as I understand).

0 thoughts on “Kindle Tips and Tricks Guide from Brent Newhall”

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Just stumbled across this.

    Yep, I get $1.75 on every copy of the Kindle Fan Guide sold.

    And I’m always looking for new content, so if folks want to email me suggestions at I’ll happily look into it.

    Again, thanks for the review!

  2. I just read through the guide. With the exception of the Minesweeper game, none of the keyboard shortcuts seem to work on Kindle2.

    What I really want is a “don’t sleep” feature…

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