MindMaps on your Kindle – ConceptDraw MindMap 5.3

This is actually really cool
1. Mindmaps are really really powerful – by having visual images you key in your right brain, by having only keywords and showing the relationship between items you remember better and unlock more creativity. I used mindmaps a lot and it really helped me academically.
2. Being able to create midnmaps that not only integrate with Office, and also can be used in ebooks that you can read on your Kindle – that’d be really cool.
3. You can mindmap lectures or subjects and then distribute amongst friends.

I primarily see it for students – however books as mindmaps is also a really intriguing concept. Details on the article after the picture. I’m wondering if ConceptDraw would consider releasing a student edition that’s chepaer than the 119$ personal edition.


ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3 Adds Ebook Support, More

Jeff Gamet, 10:15 AM EST, January 29th, 2008

CS Odessa announced the immediate availability of ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3 on Tuesday. The updated version of the mind mapping and productivity application added the ability to create visual ebooks from mind maps.

Visual ebook pages present information as mind maps instead of text paragraphs while maintaining chapters like a traditional text book.

mind maps can also be exported as multi-page PDF documents with hyperlinks to other topics or mind maps, emailed from inside MINDMAP 5.3, background images can be turned off for printing, and more.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.3 is priced at US$199 for the Professional edition, or $119 for the Personal edition. The update is free for version 5 users.

There was a comment from Christine which mentions SmartDraw which also has Mind Maps – haven’t had a chance to look at it fully so let me know if you have comments on it.

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  1. Have you tried SmartDraw for mindmapping? I saw a great review about it in a educational mag and gave it a try. I also use it to create timelines, also worksheets/handouts for class. It’s very versatile and easy to use. they have a free trial at their website: http://www.smartdraw.com.

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