Kindle Case + Kindle Cover from WaterField Designs available in three models – Kindle Travel Case, Kindle Slip Case, and Kindle Sleeve Case

Feb 11th, 2009 Update: You might prefer to look at the Kindle 2 Cover + Kindle 2 Case Guide which includes Kindle 2 Covers from Waterfield Designs.

Edit (on Feb 8th) – apparently there are complaints on the mobileread forums because you can’t read the kindle while in the case – ummm – wow, yeah i guess after looking at the specs and pics in detail – that might be true. So will someone from the company please clarify + users be aware that these are more of ‘transportation’ cases and not ‘transport + read’ cases. wow – that’s one hell of a design screw-up if you can’t read the Kindle while it’s in these cases.  

Wow – these look good and will be available starting Feb 12th – you can preorder now from .

There is the Kindle Slip Case –

Kindle Slip Case Kindle Slip Case Details

The Kindle Sleeve Case

Kindle Sleeve Case Kindle Sleeve Case Details

And the Kindle Travel Case

Kindle Travel Case Kindle Travel Case Details

And this is from the Press Release –

San Francisco, CA, February 6 – WaterField Designs announces three protective cases for the Amazon Kindle: the Kindle SleeveCase, the Kindle Travel Case and the Kindle Slip Case—all custom-fitted to the Amazon Kindle dimensions. Each stylish case offers protection and accessibility, while maintaining a light look and feel.

The Kindle SleeveCase protects the Amazon Kindle with: high-grade neoprene; impact-resistant plastic to protect the screen; a sturdy, black, ballistic nylon shell; and a lightly padded closing flap. A rear, open-top pocket stows items such as the USB cable and ear buds. A subtle grey-black checked fabric trims the bottom of the case.

The Kindle Travel Case is designed with padded, internal compartments to keep the Kindle, the power adapter, the clip light, and any additional accessories tangle-free and organized. Self-locking zippers on a front pocket and on the main compartment ensure that contents don’t spill out. Available in six vibrant colors, the water-resistant case maintains its thin, compact shape, even when fully packed.

The Kindle Slip Case sports the same vibrantly colored, water-resistant material on its exterior as the Travel Case; a lightly padded, scratch-free liner; and impact-resistant plastic to protect the screen. In the Slip Case, the Kindle remains secure while still sliding in and out easily. The open top provides quick access.

“In response to customer requests, we’ve designed three options to meet the needs of every Kindle user we heard from,” explained owner, Gary Waterfield. “For rugged protection, we offer our signature SleeveCase custom-fit to the Kindle dimensions; for those who want their accessories along, we made the Travel Case and designed it to stay nice and thin when packed; and for those wanting light protection, we’ve got the Kindle Slip Case. As is often the situation, we have our customers to thank for ideas and feedback.”

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  1. What part of “slip case” would lead people to believe they could read the Kindle while inside it? It’s not like there aren’t schematics that clearly show these are purely for transport.

    It’s not a design screwup. A design screwup is when the item does not perform as it’s designed to. This item works exactly as designed. It’s just not designed to do what the complainers want it to do. That’s not a design screwup; that’s a buyer’s screwup, and they should either return the item, shame-faced at their inability to read for content, or shut up and quit whining.

  2. Hi Switch11,

    Sorry for the delay in responding…just saw this. Yes, we designed our Cases to transport and protect the Kindle. We had folks asking us everyday if we could make one of our SleeveCases and Travel Cases for their Kindle…. and this is what we did. I guess some people like to hold the “naked” Kindle while they read from it.

    Any other questions, just let me know.

    Thanks very much for the post.

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