Amazon Kindle News Roundup

There are a bunch of items I wanted to post about and few are big enough to warrant a unique post so I thought I’d do a ‘what I’ve been reading’ link collection –

  1. Technology publisher Apress now has 200+ Apress books available for the Kindle and aims to have its entire catalog on the Kindle by end 2008.
  2. PlasticLogic opens its manufacturing plant in Dresden, Germany (Sept 17th, 2008). Their flexible, larger screen Kindle competitor is a pretty worth challenger.
  3. TechRepublic ‘cracks open’ the Kindle and takes a look at the innards.
  4. Jim Olds wonders whether Jakob Nielsen’s famous ‘users read/scan web pages in a F pattern‘ usability finding also applies to the Kindle.
  5. A parent at College Confidential wants to know whether Kindle really saves money on textbooks – Amazon better get KindleText out quick.
  6. Steven Levy, senior editor, Newsweek magazine, was honored for “The Future of Reading” (his writeup on the Kindle). He won the 2007 PSRA Excellence in Technology Journalism award. It was a very well written article.
  7. Someone’s looking for a developer to develop a custom Kindle application. I didn’t even know the Kindle was open to apps. Is amazon letting some people develop apps for an as yet unannounced platform?

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    1. To answer #7, from the description on their website it appears that they are just looking for someone to create some sort of web based app that will work well with the Kindle browser.

    2. To add another piece of news: The Nownow function of the Kindle will currently not work as you would expect it to work. Amazon has decided to remove payment to the people answering these Nownow questions, so there will be no answers given atm.

      I am one of the answering volunteers, and I seriously regret this situation, but alas, no payment, no answers.

      Hopefully this will be resolved soon (if Amazon really cares about their Nownow service)


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