Oprah Kindle Effect = Kindle Out Of Stock, 2-3 weeks delay.

Nov 5th update: Stephen Windwalker has recently posted that sales of his Kindle Help Book increased by a factor of 5 after the Oprah Kindle effect – I can confirm that traffic on this blog increased by a factor of 4 (it’s still triple what it was pre-Oprah), and number of people clicking through to the Kindle page – well, the Oprah Effect has resulted in an increase by a factor of 20. Since the 24th, on average, more than 20 times more people have visited the Kindle product page – that’s what Oprah has done for the Kindle.

There’s also an AdAge study about the Oprah Kindle effect that has some interesting numbers – 467% increase in number of people searching for ‘kindle’.

Original: Wow – I’d forecast that 105,000 or so Kindles would get sold in the week or so after Oprah’s Kindle recommendation, and also written that a good test of the Kindle Oprah impact would be whether the Kindle gets sold out or not – well the Kindle is out of stock – with 2-3 week delays! I was going to buy a Kindle (and ship it out to a friend so he can bring it with him to Canada), except I can’t – Kindle’s Out of Stock.

Amazon shows a 2-3 week delay in shipping. If you don’t mind waiting, you still have till end of Nov 1st to use kindle coupon: OPRAHWINFREY and get $50 off the Kindle. I’m going to buy one nevertheless (Edit: Just did – hadn’t factored in taxes – i’ll probably buy Kindle 2 too, when it comes out). I hope Amazon specifies a release date for Kindle 2 soon.

Oprah Effect = Kindle Out of Stock

Oprah Effect = Kindle Out of Stock

Amazon should send Oprah the biggest bouquet of flowers they can find. Even in the economic downturn a recommendation from Oprah = Kindle sold out. The Kindle Oprah coupon ends end of day, and it’ll be interesting to see whether November is a slow month for Kindle sales based on the huge sales in the last week of October.

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  1. I don’t think anyone on the verge of purchasing a Kindle really was affected by Oprah’s recommendation, but rather the price point dropped down to below their tipping point. I would have bought one last time it dropped by $100, but I didn’t like the credit card hook.

  2. I didn’t see Oprah nor do I care what she thinks but the price drop and then her $50 coupon pushed me over the hill. I’ve been waiting for the price to drop for a while.

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  4. Congrats on getting your Kindle, Abhi! I bought one on Oct. 31 for my sister for Christmas using the Oprah code, and I received an email today that it has already shipped. So the 2- 3-week delay seems to have been eliminated.

  5. I bought my Kindle in March. It is the most amazing thing. I read 2 to 3 books a week and just love it. It’s fast in downloading, alerts me to books they recommend for me, let’s me sample a book before buying and has a search for books by title or author. It’s easy to read and I found it’s faster then actually having a real book in front of me. I don’t have to have a book mark to keep my place, because Kindle always takes me to where I left off. The price of the books is great. I’ve already paid for my Kindle by not having to buy the hard cover.

  6. Kindle is sold out till March 2009. Check your delivery date if yours hasn’t arrived. They didn’t tell me my order was moved to a later date so I cancelled my order. Version 2 may be out by then!

  7. I love eBooks, and I’m glad that Amazon’s position as a major entity is calling attention to eBooks. However, Amazon’s proprietary format is a HUGE problem. I don’t want to be locked into buying eBooks from only one source, and I want to be able to read my eBooks wherever I am – including on my desktop at work. I used my sister’s Kindle for a few weeks last year, and was unimpressed. There are great alternatives out there – I currently use the Cybook, which is lighter, more attractive, cheaper, and I can buy eBooks from a variety of sources (more about the Cybook). The Kindle, while frequently touted as a “huge leap forward”, really exemplifies why so many people are hesitant to try eBooks.

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  9. […] celebrity endorsements work? The answer to that is obvious, ask Oprah.  (Or better yet ask all the holiday gift recipients of shiny-new Amazon Kindles or the people still waiting in line for their free KFC today.)  The question has become, What […]

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