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Here are some of my favorite Kindle Blogs (for purposes of avoiding an infinite recursion loop I’ll leave out my own) – 

  1. Kindleville by Joe Wikert – A very good kindle blog with a few well thought out posts every week. Also has Joe’s twitter updates on the side. This is the oldest kindle blog around and you can read through articles right from November 2007 to get a good idea of Kindle related news and issues. 
  2. Kindle Chronicles – A weekly Kindle podcast that has quickly become a favorite. Run by Len Edgerly. Wow – just saw that the Nov 21st podcast is an interview with VP of Marketing at eInk. There are a ton of supply questions I’d want to ask him. 
  3. KindleReader – Lots of book reviews and snippets and updates on new releases and books available for the Kindle. Run by Jan Zlendich – she’s a retired librarian so she knows what she’s talking about. Edit: There was another blog called ‘kindle reader’ i can’t seem to find now.
  4. Kindlelicious – This is a new blog, and it’s interesting, with book reviews, and a blog design that’s different and good. 
  5. Official Amazon Kindle Blog – This is good for updates and news on new releases and promotions (like the free NY Times promotion) – however, it doesn’t have voice. I wish the Kindle Team at amazon started writing about what they felt, and taking feedback too. 

Also, here are some of my favorite blogs that often write about the Kindle – 

  1. Munsey’s TechnoSnarl – Not only is Munsey’s a great source for free books, there’s a regularly updated blog with great voice and personality.    
  2. Teleread Blog – A very good blog with lots of kindle and ebook related news and updates.

Let me know suggestions and I’ll add more cool blogs to the list.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I was very happy to get the interview at E Ink, but it turned out the guy there was extremely nervous talking about the Kindle. This made sense to me, since they are a small startup and Amazon is a hugely important customer. They also don’t want to say anything that favors one eReader over the other. I thought it would still be interesting to learn more about eInk, and Sri Peruvemba was a great guy to get to know. I may have a chance to interview the CEO at E Ink in a couple of months. Stay tuned!

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