18 Kindles at NCSU Libraries – What an Idea

There’s an article about the use of Kindles at NCSU Libraries at the NCSU Physical and Engineering Sciences Blog – what a cool idea.

In May 2008, NCSU Libraries started letting users borrow Kindles and request for new titles to be downloaded to the Kindle. The Amazon Kindles were so popular that waiting lists formed. In response, the NCSU Libraries now have 18 Kindle readers (Edit: The number of Sony Readers has stayed steady at 2). They’ve divided the Kindles into 3 collections (because of the fact that ‘up to 6 kindles can share an account’).

NCSU Libraries checking out Kindles

NCSU Libraries checking out Kindles

It’s quite interesting to see the three ‘collections’ –

  1. The first group includes the Eragon series, Brandon Sanderson’s MistBorn series, James Clemen’s Witch Gate/Witch War/Witch Storm series, and a few Psychology Books.   
  2. The second group includes Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series, and a couple Stephanie Meyer books. 
  3. The third group of Kindles have The Black Swan, the Kite Runner, and a couple Terry Pratchetts.

The whole ‘collections of 6 Kindles that share books’ idea is great. Basically, any time you borrow a kindle you get all the books downloaded to 6 Different Kindles. Not sure what Amazon’s reaction will be to this – I recall them not being in favor of it at the beginning of the year. And there’s no way publishers would be on board.

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