Free Kindle Edition Books, 2 new Kindle magazines

Dec 17th update: Another free book – PDF version of Blown to Bits – which talks about life, liberty and happiness after the digital explosion.

Edit: Thans to Evan and Jason for the updates. In my excitement I missed that the free Made to Stick was just introduction and index – which is a really bad idea – everyone already knows you can get a sample chapter free – why would you have a separate entry for it.

The official Kindle Blog had recently talked about a bunch of free books. There is now one book added to it –

  1. Flood by Andrew Vachss (very highly rated) – This is was free (and is now just $2.95) to encourage people to buy another Andrew Vachss book (Another Life) that will be released Dec 30th. There is a bug going around which means you might be able to get it for free by using the link from your Amazon Daily blog on the Kindle, else you have to pay $2.95.

This link to lowest price kindle edition books includes approximately 9 other free books. Most of these were written about on the Kindle Daily blog approximately a week ago. The list includes –

Prague by Arthur Phillips
Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston
Six Bad Things by Charlie Huston
Murder List by Julie Garwood
The Foreign Correspondent by Alan Furst
The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death by Laurie Notaro
Free-Range Chickens by Simon Rich
The Whiskey Rebels by David Liss
A Dangerous Man by Charlie Huston
Secret Vampire by L.J. Smith

For non Kindle formats – they’re available in various combinations of Microsoft Reader, Adobe, MobiPocket, and eReader over at Books on Board. All but the eReader versions are free; the eReader editions are 10% off.
You can also get 25% off any other books by those authors at Books on Board by using promo code: RandomHouseOnBoard . Valid through 11:59pm, December 15.

Also, two new magazines –

  1. Cash: Personal Finance for Real People Magazine –

    Cash Magazine for Kindle
    Cash Magazine for Kindle
  2. The Escapeist Magazine which covers digital entertainment culture –

    The Escapeist Kindle Edition
    The Escapeist Kindle Edition

Finally, from Amazon’s own blog –

Also new on Kindle, Lynn Viehl’s Master of Shadows. Onyx, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), announced today the release of an all new “eSpecial”–short pieces of writing for eBook readers–from Lynn Viehl, bestselling author of the Darkyn novels.

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