Kindle FAQ

Here are some of the most common Kindle related questions I get –

  1. When is the Kindle 2 coming out?         
    • A: There is no official release date. Mid to late February 2009 seems like a probable release date.  
  2. Should I wait for Kindle 2?                    
    • A: At this point – Yes. At least wait till end Feb to see whether Kindle 2 is available then.
  3. Can I use the Kindle outside the US?   
    • A: Yes, with two important caveats – first, Whispernet will not work; and second, you will need a US address credit card to make purchases.
  4. Can you gift Kindle books?                   
    • A: No, although you can send a gift card. The gift card recipient can then register it to his account and buy kindle books. 
  5. How do I reset my kindle?                    
    • A: There is a reset button at the back. Also, the alt-up arrow-R combination forces a hard reset.
  6. What are the different font sizes?       
    • A: There are 6 font sizes ranging from around 8pt to 20pt. 
  7. On a plane, do I have to turn off the Kindle at take-off and landings?  
    • A: Yes.  
  8. What happens if I damage my Kindle?  
    • A: It varies – sometimes you get a free replacement. Sometimes they charge you $180 for a replacement. You will have to return the defective kindle.
  9. Can I return a Kindle I bought?            
    • A: Yes, you have 30 days to return it.
  10. Can I read pdf documents on the Kindle? 
  11. Where can I find a map of Whispernet Coverage?   
  12. Is Apple released an ebook reader?      
    • A: Not that i know of. They are rumoured to be releasing a larger iTouch in Fall of 2009. 
  13. Where can I find the Kindle shortcuts and experimental features? 

I’m going to keep adding to this list over time.

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