Kindle Blogs – Art + Entertainment Blog Recommendations

There are a lot of blogs available for the Kindle. There are arguments to be made for just reading the blogs free on the internet or reading blogs for free on the kindle (see Kindle Tip #5) using one of various options available. There are also arguments to the contrary i.e. helping subsidize WhisperNet and paying blog authors. The latter are not as convincing in my book. However, if you are looking for Kindle blogs related to the arts and entertainment, here are my recommendations (I’ve also factored in reviews from Amazon) –

  1. The Clutter Diet Blog – The book has been a huge success and the blog has some really good ideas. Ironically enough the last post is on not waiting for the perfect moment – a mistake I sometimes make. Highly Recommended.ClutterDietBlog  
  2. Books – Very highly rated blog (although just by two people) that has book reviews that are not too high brow and cover a wide variety of books while providing a good feel for what the books are like. 
  3. Fallout 101 is a serialized post apocalyptic fallout novel. Its really taken off in popularity – becoming the 962nd selling item across the whole Kindle Store – not bad for a blog subscription.
  4. DailyMe Literati – It sells really well. However, I couldn’t figure it out because the online version is customized for everyone. I don’t know if they do do that for the Kindle version or just present their default, non customized version.
  5. The Book Stacks – While I didn’t really like this blog that much, it does sell well in the Kindle Store, and is worth checking out. Also makes me realize that some of the best book related blogs aren’t available for the kindle.  theBookStacks
  6. Overheard in New York Blog – A very funny blog with humorous things overheard in New York. It’s got strong ratings (4 stars; 7 people) and I quite liked the print version. Recommended. 
  7. Amazon Daily Blog – It’s Free, and quite good.  
  8. PopSugar – It’s celebrity gossip and news. It isn’t going to increase your IQ – however, not bad for a little entertainment.  
  9. Gawker – Media Gossip and Pop Culture. I find its an entertaining way to get some of the latest headlines.

Overall, I felt the selection was a bit limited. The Clutter diet blog is one I’d definitely get if I weren’t in Canada. Books and DailyMe Literati are strong choices too, as  is the Fallout 101 blog – just to see what it turns out to be like. At some level I feel that blogs are becoming an increasingly important part of both media and reading. It’d be interesting to see if Amazon’s subscriptions skyrocketed on the introduction of a ‘as many blogs as you’d like’ option, or more realistically an option for ‘any 10 blogs you want’.

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  1. […] free – just go to my kindle tips post and read kindle tip #5. There’s a lot of overlap between Arts + Entertainment category top blogs and Lifestyle and Culture Top Blogs. I’m going to list the Clutter Diet Blog again, and leave out […]

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