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Again, before listing my recommendations, I’ll add in that you could read these kindle edition blogs for free – just go to my kindle tips post and read kindle tip #5. There’s a lot of overlap between Arts + Entertainment category top blogs and Lifestyle and Culture Top Blogs. I’m going to list the Clutter Diet Blog again, and leave out the rest as I’ve already written about them. Here are my top recommendations for lifestyle and culture kindle blogs –

  1. Freakonomics Blog – Highly Recommended. I like it so much, I’m adding a link to the print edition.
  2. The Clutter Diet Blog – This blog is #1 in this category too. Highly Recommended.
  3. Diet Blog – No, I’m not obsessed with pairings of the words ‘diet’ and ‘blog’. This is a solid, solid blog and a top seller. There are no reviews yet so do add one on Amazon if you get it. I checked the online edition and it had solid posts and a straightforward interface.   DietBlog
  4. Word Strumpet – A really good blog on creative writing. The last few posts for example were on writing for twitter and finding the right niche. So its very relevant and has 1 solitary 4 star review. 
  5. Parenting Weblog – A top notch weblog with great stories and tips about parenting. Just good stuff like posts on medical research that shows kids’ eating habits and diet influence their health as adults, and pictures of contributor’s kid’s birthdays and other things that help you relate well to the bloggers and thus their advice and insights. 
  6. Daily Diabetic – Although I’m not a diabetic I think this is a great example of something a physically distributed newspaper couldn’t really do i.e. reach people that are brought together not by geography but by a shared characteristic. Also applies to people who share a passion or purpose and not geographical proximity. 
  7. Fashionista – In the absence of The Sartorialist or a more people driven fashion site, I’ll add in Fashionista. Let me know if you find a good fashion blog for the kindle.
  8. Accidental Hedonist – A great cooking blog.  Some great, delicious photographs and it’s over 5 years old now. AccidentalHedonist
  9. Think Again by Stanley Fish – Another great blog from NY Times. Do try it out.

Initially I had thought there wouldn’t be much left here since there is a lot of overlap with Arts and Entertainment – however, this section has better blogs, and I’d recommend digging deeper into the Lifestyle and Culture Blogs category to see if you find other blogs you like. The more I browse these blogs, the more I realize that there is a viable business here – and I’m considering adding my own blog to the kindle store. It still bothers me that people would have to pay for it. However, how different is it from paying for a monthly subscription for a mobile internet connection – so confusing.

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