Kindle 2.0 Release Confirmed + Preorders available – Feb 9th Conference

Kindle 2.0 preorder and details on new features available now. Ships Feb 24th – Kindle 2.0 release was confirmed at Amazon’s ‘important press conference’ on the 9th of February at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

Here are the address and number for the Morgan in case you want to visit, and chances are it might be limited seating so do call ahead –

225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 685-0008

The Morgan Library and Museum is a good choice (description below) and you can take a look at its Corsair Catalog which includes the recent addition of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.

Located in midtown Manhattan at Madison Avenue and 36th Street, the Morgan houses one of the world’s greatest collections of artistic, literary, and musical works, from ancient times to the medieval and Renaissance periods to the present day.

A few thoughts spring to mind –

  • In the poll we had recently, 45% of respondents believed that the Kindle 2 would be released in Feb 2009 (and not Mar/Apr or May/June or 2nd half 2009), and looks like they were right.
  • The obvious, obvious announcement is Kindle 2.0.  
  • If it’s not Kindle 2.0, the candidates are
  1. KindleText – A Textbook Edition Kindle primarily for college students.
  2. A rival to the Google Book Digitization Project and Google Books for out of print books.
  3. An app store for the Kindle.
  4. Opening up the Kindle’s online store for all devices.
  • Frankly though, an obvious big press conference must mean Kindle 2.
  • If you’re thinking of buying a Kindle, do hold off till the 9th :).
  • If you’re going to be attending and would be able to email me or would be updating your blog or twitter, please do let me know so I can get the scoop.
  • Rather presciently, I have this date spelled out in an earlier Nov 25th post – The post is literally titled ‘Kindle 2.0 Arrives Feb 9th …’.
  • I’ll have Kindle 2.0 updates for you as and when more news on this conference comes out, and definitely if/when Kindle 2.0 is announced on the 9th.

    0 thoughts on “Kindle 2.0 Release Confirmed + Preorders available – Feb 9th Conference”

    1. there is the option of returning a kindle within 30 days of it being shipped so it’s not a bad option.
      I would recommend ordering a Kindle 1.
      then seeing if you can get a Kindle 2 before it’s out of stock and if you can, then cancel the kindle 1 order before it ships.

      No harm in seeing if they ship Kindle 2s instead of Kindle 1s since you can always return it.

    2. >>Rather ironically, I have this date spelled out in an earlier Nov 25th post – The post is literally titled ‘Kindle 2.0 Arrives Feb 9th …’.<<

      To quote Inigo Montoya, "I do not think it means what you think it means." — the post you mention….it’s actually the exact *opposite* of ironic. 😉

    3. I would find it a rather bad marketing move to send all those who have been waiting weeks to months to send them a Kindle 1 when Kindle 2 is announced, They would have lots of returns and very unhappy customers, Amazon is not that stupid!!

    4. there’s a rumor that amazon will get in touch with everyone who’s waiting for a kindle, and ask whether they’d like to upgrade to a Kindle 2 for an adiditional 10% fee.
      I think that would be a remarkably good way to handle the situation.

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