Text Messages from the Kindle

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Now, on to the tip for sending text messages from the Kindle.

Courtesy Woody Woodward at Kindle Korner (and via Kindle Chronicles) here’s a pretty cool tip –

Our Kindles have the ability to send SMS “TEXT” messages to cell
phones by using e-mail gateways. Any Web-based e-mail that works with
Kindle may be used for this. Simply address the e-mail to the 10-digit
cell phone number at the appropriate gateway.
e.g. for ATT cell customers 1234567890@txt.att.net
This is a (unverified) list of gateways for various cell services.
AT&T: @txt.att.net
Alltel: @message.alltel.com
Cingular: @cingularme.com
Nextel: @messaging.nextel.com
Powertel: @ptel.net
Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
SunCom: @tms.suncom.com
T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
US Cellular: @email.uscc.net
Verizon: @vtext.com
Virgin Mobile: @vmobl.com

So there are three steps to texting via your Kindle –

  1. Use your normal email program on the Kindle. You can learn how to use email on the Kindle at the Kindle Top Tips post. (hack# 11 on the list)
  2. Take the number you want to text to, say 4258943912, add the appropriate gateway for that number, let’s say AT&T – @txt.att.net, and you have 4258943912@txt.att.net.
  3. Text away.

Do let me know if you run into problems or find any new gateway emails. Also, these should be free.

10 Responses

  1. My kindle is on order, Amazon says it will be here around February 19, hopefully a kindle 2!

    I don’t have my kindle yet so take this with a grain of salt…
    I have a Blackberry Storm for email and texting, why would I use a kindle? Does anyone own a kindle and NOT own a cell phone? Its neat that you CAN do this, but why would you WANT to?

    • Hello PaulC,
      I just thought you’d be interested to know that *I* don’t own a cellphone, but I do own a Kindle.

      (I don’t use it for texting though, I don’t like it’s internet. But that’s beside the point)


  2. What if I’m reading and don’t want to get out my cell phone to find out where my kid is? How about if I don’t pay for texting with my cell plan? What if I just find typing on the Kindle keys more efficient than the cell keys? There’s lots of reasons I can think of … even IF I had a BBY Storm.

  3. One question though. How do you go about receiving texts, and how do people send texts to your kindle?

  4. There’s no way to receive text messages. You cannot receive text messages as you would on a cellphone. you can check your email.

  5. Does this work with the DX?

  6. how do you send pictures from my kindle fire HD on text now

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