Kindle Gift Card – Amazon Kindle Gift Certificate

You can now get a Kindle Gift Card for yourself (to set a monthly budget) or for the Kindle owners in your life.  The Kindle Store lets you buy Kindle Gift Certificates.



The Kindle Gift Card seems to operate exactly like a normal gift card. Also I notice that when you try to buy Kindle Books you get the option to enter the gift card claim code alongside credit cards.

One important point is that you can still not buy a Kindle Gift Card using a credit card that does not have a US address and then use the gift card to buy Kindle Books. I tried and it did not work. It shows up in my account – however I can’t use it to buy Kindle Books.

If you do get a normal Amazon gift certificate –

Using an Amazon Gift Certificate to Buy Kindle Books

There’s a pretty helpful page that lets you easily add a gift certificate to your account, and then use it to buy Kindle Books.

It’s 3 steps –

  1. Navigate to this page that lets you redeem gift certificates for Kindle Books. KindleGiftcardRedemption
  2. Click on the link with the little $ icon and You get a convenient pop-up that lets you add a gift certificate to your account. 
  3. You can then browse for Kindle Books and buy them.

Getting a Kindle Gift Card is a good, much-needed addition and helps both with budgeting and gifting.

0 thoughts on “Kindle Gift Card – Amazon Kindle Gift Certificate”

    1. I have a gift card for my kindle but when I go to the web site amazon/kindlegift. it doesn’t work.
      How can I redeem this gift card for books?

  1. Your instructions to use sites you describe do not exist. I have found I cannot access the sites because there is not a clear way to do so. So what do I do now. I want to apply a gift card to my account, I want to transfer my user name to my kindle I have no success in trying your instructions This kindle is a gift to me. I would certainly not purchase it myself

    1. Would you please explain to me exactly what it is you would like to do

      1) Are you trying to register your Kindle?
      Do you have an Amazon account?

      2) Are you trying to buy a gift card and apply it to your Kindle? You cannot do that until you have registered your Kindle?

      Kindle customer service might be a better bet if you haven’t registered your Kindle. If you have it would help if you let me know exactly what you would like to do – If it’s just buy a gift card and apply it to your account then these instructions should work – PROVIDED you have already registered your kindle.

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