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There’s a third book category for your kindle in addition to paid books and public domain free books – a book that its author is sharing for free or as a trial. This Kindle book list focuses on authors that give away an entire book for the kindle (or in general) for free. Also, thanks to Kindle Korner for the Rifter’s Trilogy (Peter Watts) and John Kessel free books information.

  1. Cory Doctorow -arguably the first author to start the trend of releasing his books (under a Creative Commons license) free on the web. I’d start with OverClocked – a collection of stories that was nominated for the Nebula awards. His blog also has links to nearly all his books for free.
  2. Paulo Coelho also gives away some of his books free at his Pirate Coelho Free Book blog.There were three books originally (and there might be more now) –
    1. Stories for Parents, Children, and Grandchildren. The Kindle compatible Editions Part 1, and Part 2.
    2. The Warrior of the Light Part1, Part2 and Part 3. Again, these are pdfs converted into prc format.
    3. The Way of the Bow. Kindle compatible Edition.
  3. From Pedro Vera – 2 free novels.
  4. Seth Godin’s Tribes is free at Audible.
  5. Charlie Huston has his books for free  at his blog PulpNoir and at Amazon.
  6. Jeff Vander Meer’s Situation is free at Wired/Geek Dad.
  7. Author Peter Watts shares his Rifter’s Trilogy books for free.
  8. Baen’s Science Fiction Library has a lot of free books. Authors include David Weber, Larry Niven, John F. Carr, John Ringo, and Sarah Hoyt. It offers 1 or more free books from the authors to help you develop a taste (or addiction ;)) for them.
  9. John Kessel has his award winning (as far as I understand) collection of stories Baum Plan for Financial Independence and other Stories for free.

If you want to find books that are free on a limited time basis, I’d recommend checking the free books category and the official Amazon kindle blog. I’ll keep adding any free book that the author has available for the kindle here. The two criteria are – not public domain, free without time limits. Feel free to leave infromation about your own free book(s) in the comments.

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  1. Author John Grisham books are not listed on the kindle book store, will they be listed at some point in the future. Thank you in advance.

  2. Do you happen to know how to publish a free book in the Kindle book store? I tried to give my book away but it *required* me to charge at least $0.99.

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