Kindle Store – 7K+ free books

The Kindle Store just added 7,000 public domain books. Quite an interesting change. 

Update: Aug 28th 2009. There are some problems with Amazon’s API. Instead –

  1. Check out the new free kindle books list.
  2. Use the link above to find public domain books.

Update: June 11th, 2009.

I’ve coded a site at BookMonk dot com that lets you search Kindle free books (and normal kindle books) –

  1. Pressing the ‘Free Books’ button searches  through kindle public domain and new free kindle books.
  2. Do this search ( ‘-public’) for free new kindle books.

You could always find 10 or so free books when you searched the Kindle Store by low to high priced books. Now the first 389 pages of results are full of free public domain books – that’s approximately 7,000 free public domain books.

Quite a cool addition. Authors covered include H.G. Wells (The First Men in the Moon), Nietzsche, Sir Walter Scott, P. G. Wodehouse,  Tesla, Mark Twain, Samuel Pepys, Winston Churchill and many more.

A rather nice gesture by Amazon. And they do need to do more things like this since Google is threatening to play already playing the ‘being good and sharing books’ card. Google at the moment has scanned a total of 1 million public domain books, 1 million in print books, and 7 million out of print, not in public domain books. The focus on out of print, sellable books clearly shows exactly where Google’s intentions lie with Google Books.

If you find any good free books in the list – do leave a comment so others can download it too. Also, the number of free books seems to be increasing – it increased by something like 20 or 30 books just in the time it took me to write this – so perhaps I caught them right in the middle of this ‘free books’ addition. Yes – it does seem that way – they’re now up to over 7000.

12 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up! There are some good titles among them, I just hope the formatting is okay…

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  5. I’m curious about how to put a free kindle book up. I’d like to take some public domain government documents on my kindle. Any suggestions?

  6. rgilles,
    Here is what you could do –
    1) get the documents + download them to your PC
    2) if needed, convert them to kindle format.
    3) use the USB to move them to your Kindle.

    if what you really want is to put them up somewhere on the net where both you and your friends could share them, then
    1) download them to your pc
    2) if needed, convert them to kindle format
    3) use a service like to share them with others (or yourself).

    Note: you ought to be able to navigate to from your kindle’s experimental browser. Not sure if anyone’s tested it. I can’t test it because I’m in canada and don’t have whispernet.

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  8. Thanks! This is great. Now with my free Kindle iPhone app, I have a library at my finger tips!

  9. I have 2 children in the military.
    I would like to have
    “A Civilian”s Guide to the U.S. Military” by Schading on kindle.

    • Harriet – please, on the product page, click on the ‘Tell the Publisher you want this book on the Kindle’. this will let the publisher know so that they can give amazon rights to sell a kindle edition.
      also, consider talking to kindle customer support.

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