Free Books from Read an eBook Week + Harlequin

The number of free eBooks just keeps increasing.

Harlequin’s 60th Year Anniversary Giveaway

At eHarlequin you can get 16 free eBooks (in PDF format) – do check out the pdf conversion post if you don’t know how to convert PDF files to kindle format.

Read an EBook Week

So March 8th to 14th is Read an eBook Week, and there are a bunch of ‘partners’ that are giving away a book for free (or at throwaway prices). The ones that piqued my interest are –

  1. Cliff Burns has two Sci-Fi novels for free on his blog.
  2. Steve Jordan Books is offering ‘Berserker: The Kestral Voyages’ free during Read an eBook Week. They currently do have a few books available for free.
  3. M.D. Benoit, author, will offer two free downloads of her first two books in the Jack Meter series when people buy the third. This is really interesting to me as an alternative to the free samples model. 
  4. Also, Samhain Publishing will have some offers. They currently already have 4 free books and some free shorts stories to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I really don’t understand why the authors participating in this are limiting the benefits to one solitary week. There are going to be a lot of people checking out that page and then being disappointed because it’s over a month till March 8th – Do you really want to leave people feeling disappointed?

I’d recommend having at least 1 book free even before the Read an eBook week.

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  1. The free 16 from Harlequin will also be available in Kindle format — soon! I would check out Amazon at the end of this week and again next week and you should find all 16 titles there. (I work on the digital team at Harlequin.)

  2. I cannot get harlequinn books to download to my kindle. Any idea why? That is mainly what I read so it makes my kindle useless.

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