Manage My Kindle, Kindle 2 Section at Amazon

Amazon has quite a helpful Manage My Kindle Section. You’ll probably get access to it before your Kindle 2 actually arrives, and here’s a short guide to what you can do –

Your Kindles + Your Kindle Approved Email List

The first two sections on the Manage Your Kindle page –

  1. Sections 1 is for you to Register Your Kindle 2, Kindle 1, and give each of them a nickname. 
  2. Also in Section 1, you can specify the email address for each of your Kindles. This is the email address to which you can send attachments.
  3. In Section 2, you have to specify the list of emails that are authorized to send your Kindle 2/Kindle documents. Its a good idea to avoid spam.
  4. You can also deregister a Kindle, delete email addresses, and change your Kindle email address or nickname.
Manage Your Kindle 2 + Approved Emails List
Manage Your Kindle 2 + Approved Emails List

1 Click Payment Method + Kindle Subscriptions
The next 2 sections of the Manage Your Kindle page let you –

  1. Specify your 1 Click Payment method in Section 3. Obviously, 1 click works well since it lends itself to more impetuous purchases and much easier purchases.
  2. Section 4 shows your Kindle 2/Kindle 1 subscriptions. You can choose which of your Kindle 2s/Kindle 1s the subscriptions get delivered to.
  3. Next to each of your subscriptions is a + button that you can click to open up options that let you download current or past editions of your subscription to your PC or to your Kindle (via wireless WhisperNet).
  4. You can also cancel your subscriptions from here.
Manage Your Kindle 1 Click Payment + Subscriptions
Manage Your Kindle 1 Click Payment + Subscriptions

Kindle Open Orders, Kindle Orders + Individual Charges
The last 2 sections of the Manage Your Kindle section let you –

  1. See what Open Orders you have in Section 5.
  2. Look at all your orders and charges ($0.10 for converting documents) in Section 6, and download any of these to your PC or transfer it to any of your Kindle 2s or Kindle 1s.

There are two other smaller sections – 

A simple Manage Synchronization between Your Devices link right after Section 6 (Kindle Orders) that takes you to a page that lets you turn on WhisperSync.
And on the right side column of the page a section that shows you the delivery status of your latest orders (in terms of them being transferred to your Kindle/ Kindle 2 or pending).

0 thoughts on “Manage My Kindle, Kindle 2 Section at Amazon”

    1. Janet, you’ll have to contact Kindle Customer Service –

      To reach Kindle Support via phone or e-mail, please click the button on any Kindle Support page. Contacting us through the website allows you to verify security before a call is placed and ensures we have your account information ready when we call you.

      Our live customer service associates are available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time, seven days a week. You can also reach us by calling one of these numbers: Inside the United States: 1-866-321-8851; Outside the United States: 1-206-266-0927.

    1. this is not the official kindle blog.
      however, here’s what you could do –

      1) go to the manage my kindle section and re-download all your books. OR

      2) when your new kindle arrives, on the home page, press menu, then press ‘view archived items’, and then you can download all your purchases via whispernet.

      note that only purchases at amazon can be downloaded. not your personal documents.

  1. Myt computer crashed and had to be replaced. How do I connect my kindle to the new computer? I have purchased books in the past….how do I make sure that I still have them or when I connect my Kindle to the new computer will I loose everything?

    1. Just plug it in using USB – it’ll be fine.
      All your books are saved in Amazon’s Cloud (its servers). You can go to manage my kindle and download all your books or press Menu on the Kindle Home Page and select ‘View Archived Items’. You won’t lose anything.

    1. Go to the ‘Manage My Kindle’ page linked above. You’ll have to log-in. Scroll down the page and there’s a section called ‘Your Active Kindle Subscriptions’. Next to each subscription is a ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. Just click that.

  2. I have been trying to cancel subscription to USA newspaper but cant find where to do it. Help R.K. Marcott

    1. Richard, on the Manage Your Kindle Page you can scroll down and there is a section titled ‘Your Active Kindle Subscriptions’. It’s right above your ‘Open Orders’ and ‘Your Orders’ sections at the very bottom.

      In this section all your subscriptions are listed and you can click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button at the very right of each row.

  3. I recently purchased a Kindle 2. My husband purchased another one. To share titles the instructions say to go to Archived Items. I have 12 books but 0 archived items.

    1. Barbara, you’ll have to provide more context.

      The first thing you have to do is register both Kindles to the same account. Are you both using the same Amazon account? If not, please register both Kindles to 1 account.
      If you’re using the same account then please let me know

      1) How many books you’ve bought.
      2) How many are showing up.
      3) How many are showing up on Archive page
      4) How many are showing up in Manage My Kindle page.

  4. help my kindle come yesterday and I can’t use 100 free books or any books as its saying go to manage your kindle and I don’t know what to do,what a rip off am thinking of sending it back xxx

    1. Lindsay, on the Amazon site, on any page in the Kindle Store, there is a link on the top (right below the search field) that says ‘Manage Your Kindle’. You can go there to have books sent to you and to do other things.

      Can you not get to the Kindle Store?

  5. How do I share books? If I register my sister’s kindle under my account, can she order books under my charge card? I only want to share! Also, if I register my sister’s account under my amazon account, can she still be registered under her own name.

    1. If you register her Kindle under your account – yes, she can buy.

      You can register a Kindle under your amazon account with a name and email that’s someone else’s. However, don’t know if you can register a separate account under your account at Amazon – almost certainly not.

      If you want that free sharing then you have to allow buying too.

  6. Amazing! I have never before had so many outlets, and fun for satisfaction,enjoying the features that are given in the kindle Merci! beaucoup beaucoup! Amazon always #1

  7. I just received a Kindle Touch as a gift.How do I know if I have Wi Fi , and if not, do I need a router to download books from Amazon?

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