Free Kindle Books at the Kindle store

Amazon, in early Feb 2009, added over 7,000 free kindle books to the Kindle Store. These are public domain books and this is a great measure as –

  1. Its easy to download them for the Kindle and they are in the Kindle .azw format already. 
  2. You can access the Kindle Store from within Kindle 2 itself and get these free books for your kindle 2 easily.  
  3. You don’t have to search through dozens of other sites. Although I would recommend the free kindle books at since they have nearly 20K free books, all in Kindle format, and you can access the mobile version at through the experimental Web Browser in Kindle 2 and download free Kindle format books directly to your Kindle 2 or Kindle 1.

Here are some thoughts on how to make the most of these free kindle books that Amazon has so graciously provided –

  1. At any given time Amazon will only show 400 or so pages of results for any search query. So you cannot really get to all the free kindle books through one link or one search.  
  2. In any section or sub-section of the Kindle Store, you can arrange books by price (Sort By – Price: Low to High) to access the free kindle books.
  3. There are overlaps between the different sections. However, a handy guide for finding free kindle books by section is –
    1. Free Kindle Fiction Books – There are 3,807 free Kindle Books in this section at the moment.
    2. Free Kindle Non Fiction Books – There are 2,270 free books in this section.  
    3. History Books – A lot of good books amongst the 832 free books available here.
    4. Humor– 615 free books, although some of them are mis-categorized with Scientific American and other subscriptions interspersed.
    5. Children’s Books – There is quite a good selection with 329 free books.
    6. Business & Investing Books – 172 free books.
    7. Lifestyle + Home – 161 free books.
    8. Arts + Entertainment Books – 152 free books.
    9. Advice + How To Books – 127 Free Books. Its hilarious that so few of the books intended to help people are for free.
    10. Religion + Spirituality – 126 Free Books.
    11. Parenting and Families – 123 Free Books.
    12. Free Travel Books for your Kindle. There are 96 free kindle books in this section, including a few by Daniel Defoe.
    13. Science Fiction Books – 86 free books including a lot of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.
  4. And to round things off, here’s a list of 490 kindle books rated 4 stars or higher and available for free at the Kindle Store.  

Here’s a video that walks you through actually getting a free kindle book on to your Kindle 2 / Kindle 1 – [wpvideo 5lFNP6mR]

And finally, here’s how you can access these Free Books from your Kindle 2 (courtesy CheseM at booksummit)

After you sign into Amazon and choose Kindle store to search in:
      type ” -domain ” (no quotes) into the search field.

This will give you a list of free books offered by Amazon

0 thoughts on “Free Kindle Books at the Kindle store”

  1. My question is how to get the books that you purchase somewhere NOT on amazon onto their new Kindle for iPhone if you don’t have an address to send the file to. Any suggestions?

  2. I found a spot where you can “upload” part of your collection and it says, “You got an error son!” Funny and late night don’t go hand in hand for me. Maybe it will be funnier in the morning!

  3. Take care as you go to the ‘free kindle’ page on Amazon. Once you click on the kindle book you have chosen which is marked at USD0.00, on the next page you may find that it is indeed USD2.00 – not free. Maybe this is a lack of updating the ‘free’ page on the site, and that now a certain number of books have a charge, but when you use the 1-click purchase, it’s easy to miss. Fortunately I caught it after one $2 purchase on a free book.


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