Kindle 2 Hacks – USB Internet, Firmware updates

April 17th Update: You might prefer to check out the Top 50 Kindle 2 Tools post, or Top 25 Kindle 2 Tips & Hacks post instead of this post. Else, read on …

Jesse Vincent at his blog has been updating on some rather impressive work he’s done with Kindle 2. In particular, here are 3 Kindle 2 Hacks he’s pulled off –

  1. He’s created a quick hack/tool to convert ePub files to .mobi format.  You can actually use it right from your Kindle 2 –

    If you visit from your Kindle’s browser, it will download a copy of that ePub converted to the .mobi format so the Kindle can read it.

    Do check the complete directions, including the fact that he archives every ePub file converted.

  2. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he used Igor’s Kindle reverse engineering posts to figure out a way to hack the Kindle 2 and get the Kindle 2 to connect to the Internet via a USB connection to a computer (rather than WhisperNet). This might well be revolutionary as it lets people outside of WhisperNet areas connect directly to the Kindle Store from their Kindle 2 itself.
  3. The third big hack he’s managed, and the one that probably is getting Amazon really concerned, is that he’s managed to get Kindle 2 accepting his hand rolled firmware updates. Which basically means that down the line individual Kindle 2’s firmware could be updated with new firmware that allows for things Amazon doesn’t like or intend.

These are all fairly advanced hacks. I wouldn’t recommend trying them out unless you are very confident of your hacking/coding skills and don’t mind risking your Kindle 2.

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