Kindle 2 Link Love – mid March

Some cool Kindle 2 related stuff –

  1. Jakob Nielsen not only approves of the Kindle 2 for reading books, the combination of readability and cross device integration changes his stance on eBooks.  
  2. Joshua Tallent compares the Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 default text formatting with some interesting observations.  
  3. DigiTimes’s ‘sources’ indicate a new Kindle this year – 

    Amazon plans to launch a new generation of Kindle by the end of this year, which will be larger in size and equipped with touch functions.

  4. xkcd’s Kindle Comic.
  5. Piper Jaffray upgraded its rating on Amazon’s stock to Buy from Neutral. Mostly because Amazon has maintained high customer satisfaction at 81%.
  6. An interesting article on the impact kindle 2 might have on books distribution and publishing.
  7. Micro Persuasion calls Kindle the great white hope for Monetizing Print Media, and he’s right. On the Internet, and even on the iPhone, people are still not trained to pay for content.

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