Cool Kindle Stuff

Here are some cool Kindle related images, scripts and more –

  1. Star Charts optimized for the Kindle. Courtesy Roban Kramer, and found at Kindle Korner. Do keep the instructions in mind (works on Kindle 2 too) –

    To use the charts on a kindle:
    *Plug your kindle into your computer and open up the Kindle storage volume.
    *Make a directory called “pictures”. Underneath that, make a directory called something like “StarCharts”. Hint: if you have trouble, make sure the folder doesn’t  have any spaces in the name (spaces are fine for me, but at least one Mac user had trouble with a space in the name).
    *Unzip the above archive and copy all the images to the “StarCharts” directory.
    *Eject/unmount the kindle.
    *Go to the home screen of the kindle and hit “alt-z”. A new entry called “StarCharts” should appear, which should allow you to see the charts.
    *When viewing the charts, press “F” to see them full screen, and press “F” again to exit full screen mode.

  2. The screen savers that came with the Kindle 1, all in one zip file, courtesy Igor. Check out Post #4 in the thread.
  3. Another interesting collection of images usable as Kindle screensavers.
  4. A collection of rather interesting screensavers made from Piranesi’s Carceri d’Invenzione (drawings of imaginary prisons).
  5. Skweezer – A tool that takes any blog or page and “squeezes” it into a smaller, mobile compatible form. You can then also choose to view the squeezed site without pictures.
  6. An AppleScript that takes text from a magazine or newspaper article and emails it to your Kindle. Note: Seems that it does take some amount of technical ability.
  7. InstaPaper started supporting the Kindle last week (support is still beta). Its a pretty cool tool and definitely worth checking out. Interestingly, InstaPaper is the creation of the lead developer at Tumblr.

It’s good to see so many tools and sites being built for the Kindle and Kindle 2. Also, it’s particularly encouraging to see popular applications begin to support the Kindle.

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