Trying to get Crosswords for the Kindle

Update: This went nowhere. Not able to get the Kindle’s browser to work with the JavaScript of the crossword maker.

Found a software that lets you create crosswords. The aim was to figure out a way to have crosswords that are accessible from the Kindle or from the Kindle’s browser.

Its a bit of a struggle though, because –

  1. Haven’t been able to find a collection of freely distributable crosswords to use.  
  2. Crosswords that are created can’t really be transferred to the kindle since it’s not open.  
  3. Having the Crosswords as web pages requires JavaScript and can’t really test it from Canada.

So I’m hoping a few of you will try out this rough Kindle themed crossword from your Kindle/Kindle 2’s browser and let me know if it works. And if it does I’ll add on a few more, and also any crosswords that people send in.

  1. JavaScript Crossword with a Kindle theme. 
  2. Static Page showing just clues and the crossword grid.  
  3. Solution Grid for the crossword.

Looking forward to your feedback on whether 1. works, and if not, whether having 2. and 3. instead is viable or not. Also, in case you know of a crosswords site that works from the Kindle’s browser do leave a comment.

0 thoughts on “Trying to get Crosswords for the Kindle”

  1. I get a 404 error when I try to access the puzzle on the Kindle in the browser. Basic or Advanced mode does not matter.

    Since I can see the page when I use my laptop I assume I’m doing something wrong. Any advice?

    1. Jim,
      its a capitalization issue that I’ve fixed now.
      Basically, before your comment only KindleTheme.html would work.
      However, now you can use either kindletheme.html or KindleTheme.html.

      let me know if it works now. thanks.

    1. Jim, you’ll have to go to your browser, click on menu to bring up options, and choose advanced mode.
      Make sure that Javascript is enabled – in the browser pressing Menu and then choosing Settings should show you a screen that has an option for ‘Disable JavaScript’. If it instead says ‘ Enable Javascript’ then select that option and ensure Javascript is on.
      This should let you work with the page.

  2. Still no joy. I was in advanced mode with javascript enabled before. I’ve turned javascript off and on to ensure it’s on.

    The joystick only toggles between the Eclipse Crossword and Check Puzzle link elements.

  3. Don’t know if it’s down now but I tried, too. I couldn’t get anything on the first link in advanced mode. The second link looked great but I can’t figure out how it works.

    1. Just tried it – not bad.
      They have a free one to test out on their website and the rest are sold as books on the Kindle store (same goes for sudoku)

  4. i tried the puzux site- even bought a book. what a
    ripoff! you only get like 5 puzzles for 99 cents. not fair and the process of filling them in is tedious at best.

  5. A crossword app for the Kindle would please me to no end! I have one for my Palm Pixi. It’s the most expensive app I have ever bought at $9.99 but has given me untold hours of fun. That particular app gets me puzzles from around the country & the world. I am hopeful that we’ll have a good app sometime soon.

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