Why are Kindle 2 Unboxing Videos so popular?

Obssessable have a Kindle 2 unboxing post.

They thus join the swelling ranks of people who are totally enthralled by, taking videos of, clicking photos of, and blogging about their Kindle 2 unboxings.

Why are people so obssessed with the unboxing?

  1. Is it that after all the waiting that moment of gratification overpowers them. 
  2. Does the Kindle 2’s packaging really inspire so much wonder? People can’t seem to get over the ‘Once upon a Time’ and the pamphlet/quick-start guide cover.  
  3. Are people bored to death to the point where video-taping the unboxing becomes appealing.

At this point the K2’s unboxing is getting more attention than Vera of the Seven Veils.

Here are a few things I wish people would take videos of instead –

  1. Book Covers on the Kindle for books they’ve bought.  
  2. Kindle Skins and Covers – especially customized ones.  
  3. Videos of rare books.
  4. Videos of people actually reading a book on the Kindle.
  5. All the hacks we keep hearing about and never see videos of i.e. personalized screen-savers on Kindle 2, using the Jesse tool that does on-Kindle format conversion, extended font support, Jesse tool (again) that allows Internet via USB, etc.

Here’s to hoping people stop unboxing their Kindle 2s in public.

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