Kindle 2 Link Love mid April

More interesting happenings in Kindle World –

  1. Kindle Store now has 260,000 Books.
  2. An interesting option in the Kindle Store – the Collected Works of H. P. Lovecraft (4 volumes – each for just $0.80).
  3. My favorite Kindle related video ever (courtesy Marsha & Sabrina at Temple University) [youtube=]Amazon needs to hire these two for their Kindle Textbook Edition campaign.
  4. Blog Kindle has a hack for enabling Unicode fonts for the Kindle. Comes with the standard ‘this might turn you into a toad if applied wrongly’ disclaimer.  In plain English – you won’t be able to get any more official Kindle updates (until you remove this hack) and your Kindle 2 might stop working.
  5. There’s also a kindle font hack for Kindle 1. Also, with the same warning as above. Kindle 1’s firmware reset option makes it slightly less risky to test hacks like this one.
  6. Strangely, there are only 2 books related blogs and zero kindle related blogs amongst the Kindle Store’s Top 100 most popular blogs.
  7. Mike Connelly at the Herald Tribune is pretty confident about the future of newspapers –

    I am asked often these days: What will happen to newspapers?
    For the Herald-Tribune, the answer is simple: After the recession, we will thrive.

  8. Numerous new books mentioned on the official amazon kindle blog sans free offers or lowered prices. Makes me wonder about the basis for selection?
  9. A post covering the Printed Electronics Europe conference, 2009 (April 8th and 9th) turns up this interesting snippet on Plastic Logic –

    Thin, light and eye-catching, it was 10 years in the making, and based on organic electronics, namely organic thin film technology (OTFT). In Dresden they have the first plastic electronic factory in the world; fully automated–it will manufacture flexible electronic page display modules from this year onward.

    Wait a minute – weren’t Plastic Logic supposed to not release till 2010? Are they planning a surprise release for this year?

  10. And finally, a German/English Kindle 2 Review done in true ‘straight from my messy bedroom’ style – [youtube=].

Hope you have a good week!

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