Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 – Video Review

Here are some Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 videos and notes that should help you see the differences between Kindle 2 (available at Amazon) and Kindle 1 –

  1. Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 Video Review –[wpvideo e0wgi1Pv] This clearly shows the visual differences between the first generation and second generation Kindles.
  2. Kindle 1 Vs Kindle 2 Image Display Comparison – [wpvideo 7uIj7eVG] Kindle 2, due to its 16 shades of gray, does a much better job with images. 
  3. Kindle 2 Vs Kindle Screen Contrast Review – [wpvideo Wkzs7qOc] Kindle 2’s screen contrast is not as good as that of the Kindle 1. The difference though is not that much.
  4. Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 Refresh Rate Comparison – [wpvideo mssgMlSB] Kindle 2’s refresh rate improvement seems more than Mr. Bezos’ claims of 25%. The refresh rate varies based on factors like images, amount of text, etc. However, Kindle 2 seemed to refresh 30-40% faster in general.

Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 – Kindle 2 Wins On …

Kindle 2 clearly improves on the Kindle 1 in some key areas –

  1. The ‘next page’ and ‘previous page’ buttons no longer get accidentally pressed. 
  2. The lock-in tabs when used with compatible covers ensures the Kindle 2 never falls out of a cover. 
  3. Text To Speech – The ‘Read To Me’ feature is very useful provided authors and publishers don’t turn it off for their books.
  4. Better Display of Images due to 16 shades of grey.
  5. Better Battery Life.
  6. Faster Screen Refreshes.
  7. Powers from PC via USB cable in addition to power outlet plug.
  8. Instant On-Kindle Dictionary.
  9. Thin and sleek looking.
  10. 5-way controller is better than the ‘magic sparkling strip’ of the Kindle 1.

Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 – Kindle 1 Wins On …

Kindle 1 does have a few advantages over Kindle 2 –

  1. SD Card Slot which allows you to expand capacity without any restrictions.  
  2. Replaceable Battery. With Kindle 2 you would need to carry an iGo type battery source.
  3. Better Contrast between background and text. 
  4. More of a unique look.
  5. Better keyboard.

Which Kindle?

My friend really liked the Kindle 1 and, since the Kindle 2 is with me now, I’ve given him my K1 (He was going to buy a K2 otherwise). The fact that everyone who actually gets to use a Kindle or Kindle 2 absolutely loves it continues to surprise me (well, almost everyone).  

His main feedback was –

  1. Reading  books on the Kindle is better than with paper books.
  2. He thinks Kindle 1 doesn’t do newspapers very well.  
  3. He much prefers the Kindle 1’s keyboard.
  4. He really liked the Kindle and its part of his life now, alongside his Samsung NC-10 netbook and iTouch.   

Overall, Kindle 2 does make enough improvements over the Kindle 1 to show Amazon is listening and on the right track. However, it’s an evolutionary upgrade and more of a Kindle 1.5 (as opposed to a true Kindle 2).

For Kindle 1 owners, waiting for Kindle 3 might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you don’t own an eReader I’d highly recommend a Kindle 2.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for outlining the actual visual differences. I received this for a Christmas present and did not want to ask if it was a Kindle 1 or 2. I’m very pleased, but didn’t want to sound ungrateful, if it was a Kindle 1.
    Very helpful, thanks,

  2. I’m just very pleased to have received this, my first reply was really what I had to add.
    Thx, and Happy New Year,

  3. The little videos were great to get an idea, for this overseas purchaser. SO were the frank and discerning comments (“Kindle 1.5” – brilliant!)

  4. Can jpg images be view on the Kindle 1. The Kindle 2 seems to be a step backwards with the absents of the sd card port.

    1. Yes, jpg images can be viewed on a Kindle 1. Given the prices of the refurbished Kindle 2 US version and the $189 version of the Kindle 2 would recommend getting one of those. They really are much, much better than the Kindle 1 in terms of screen and they also have support for new features like Folders and will also support Kindle Apps when the Kindle App Store opens.

  5. I bought a Kindle 1 two years ago. Because I live outside the usa, and am now visiting in the US, I am attempting to use it for the first time. I have charged it, but have a very very low contrast and can barely see the print on the screen. Almost as if the unit is ‘asleep’. How do I brighten up the screen so that I can read the text. Can barely see it now.

    1. A few things to try –

      1) Put it to sleep and see how the screensaver looks.
      2) Press Alt+G to refresh the eInk screen and see if that helps.
      3) Restart it.

      Not very familiar with Kindle 1 – please try the official kindle forum at – On any Kindle book page click on the discussions link on the top right in the navigation bar.

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