Testing out 2 changes on iReader Review

There have been a couple requests so I’m trying out two new changes, with the caveat that if it adversely affects my Google traffic I’ll have to roll them back. However, keeping you guys happy is important enough to take a risk.

  1. Full Posts in the RSS Feed. So now you ought to be able to read posts without having to visit the blog. Do stop by anyways 🙂 .
  2. Moving the kindle 2 review post from the top so you do not have to scroll down to read the latest post.

Do let me know if there are any other changes that would make your reading experience better. Thanks for being an iRR reader.

A little clarification on full RSS feeds –

  1. This is pretty risky as unethical people tend to scrape posts and cause a lot of damage. However, am hoping that does not happen.   
  2. It also leads to duplicate penalties some time.  
  3. Its temporary – if things go downhill, will have to change this.  

Thanks to the 3-4 people who have written in requesting these changes – am guessing other people will like full feeds too.

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