Bridgestone QR-LPD ePaper – Perfect for Kindle 4?

Bridgestone made the obvious logical move and jumped into ePaper.


Its pretty cool. Some quick thoughts –

  1. Would go well with Kindle 4.
  2. 0.8 second refresh rate (according to Engadget) – However, the Bridgestone rep claims its 5 times faster than existing technology.
  3. The touch screen is impressive – love how he just draws stuff on it.
  4. Color is achieved by taking black and white eInk and placing color filters over individual pixels.
  5. The product road-map/ future vision lists everything (retail, newspapers, cellphones, factory automation) except books. The rep does mention ebooks.
  6. They’re already being used in supermarkets and retail stores in Japan and abroad for inventory management etc.

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