Top 50 Kindle Tools, Kindle 2 Sites

AKA The Software, Kindle Tools, and Kindle sites that will help you Get the Most out of Your Kindle/ Kindle 2.

There are a lot of people who’re doing excellent Kindle related work. This is a partial list. If you have something that belongs on this list please do add a comment (and please do indicate your involvement).

Kindle Tools and Software

  1. Kindle for iPhone – Must-Have if you have an iPhone or iTouch.
  2. Mysteria – Great Reminder Tool that lets you keep reminders for when books become available in Kindle format.
  3. Calibre – Kovid Goyal’s One-Stop solution to most of your ebook needs.
  4. InstaPaper –  A fast, easy, free tool to save web pages for reading later.
  5. Kindle Feeder – Send RSS feeds to your Kindle or Kindle 2.
  6. Alex Yatskov’s Mangle (Manga + Kindle) software that lets you create manga for the Kindle.
  7. Free Kindle Calendar.
  8. Free Kindle Weeekly Planner.
  9. Skweezer – Take any page and “squeeze” it into a smaller version more readable on K1/K2.
  10. NEW! K2Helper – A tool accessible through the kindle’s browser that lets you use a basic notepad. You have to register using your email.

Kindle Conversion Tools

Check the PDF to Kindle Conversion post for details (there’s a Kindle 2 PDF video walkthrough too) –

  1. MobiPocket Creator, Publisher Edition.
  2. Calibre – One-Stop solution is right.
  3. Stanza for Mac.
  4. Jesse Vincent’s On-Kindle PDF and ePub convertor (Read the warnings).
  5. AutoKindle takes PDF, Lit, PDB, CHM, and HTML files and converts them to .mobi.

Kindle Games, Cool Stuff

  1. Star Charts optimized for the Kindle. Courtesy Roban Kramer, and found at Kindle Korner.
  2. Towers of Hanoi Puzzle by Edouard Lucas
  3. Tic Tac Toe for Kindle 1 player Vs computer. Tested and Recommended ;)
  4. Tic Tac Toe for 2 Players.
  5. Optical Illusions game/thing(untested).

Kindle Hacks

  1. Reversing Everything Blog – Kindle Hacks. Igor’s original Kindle Hacks/Tips post. Most only work on Kindle 1.
  2. Run your own Screensavers –  Go to this page, and see Post #41 for directions and the code. Heed the warnings – this is risky.
  3. Kindle 1 Font Mod Tool.
  4. Jesse Vincent’s PDF and ePub conversion Tool. This is risky so heed the warnings.
  5. Jesse Vincent’s hack to connect your Kindle 2 to the Internet via a USB connection to your computer (rather than WhisperNet).
  6. Jesse’s hack/tool to convert ePub files to .mobi format (which the Kindle 2 supports).
  7. AppleScript to email text from online newspaper articles to your Kindle.

There are other hacks available that aren’t listed. Do a google search.

Free Kindle Books and Deals

  1. Kindle Store – Kindle Deals.
  2. BookMonk (coded by me) – You can search for just free books. Update: some problems due to Amazon API changes.
  3. My Free Books posts – More free kindle books than you can read.
  4. New Free Books in the Kindle Store list.
  5. Free Kindle Book Sites List.
  6. ManyBooks – The Kindle compatible url is

Kindle Tips

Sept 2011: Our Kindle Tips App is out. It’s just $1 and has 130+ Kindle Tips collected over 3.5 years of Kindle blogging experience. Please do take a look – you can even add your own tips, you can run a slideshow, and you can mark tips as favorites.

  1. Top 25 Kindle 2 Tips.  A few apply to K1.
  2. Top 25 Kindle Tips. Some apply to K2.
  3. At MobileRead, Mike L figured out free samples without WhisperNet (iPhone/iTouch needed).

Kindle Community – Blogs and  Forums

  1. Kindle Forums at Amazon.
  2. Kindle Korner – The most members of any Kindle Group or Forum.
  3. Len Edgerly’s Kindle Chronicles.  A weekly podcast with interviews, kindle tips, news and cool stuff.
  4. Book Summit Kindle Social Network (run by me) –  A great place to meet fellow kindle owners. Comes with a mobile version that works on your iPhone and Kindle.
  5. Jesse Vincent – Kindle Hacking Blog.
  6. MobileRead Forums – Especially good for the technically inclined.
  7. – Covers a lot of Kindle related stuff.
  8. Andrys’ A Kindle World – Andrys updates it regularly and the signal to noise ratio is very high.

Is that 50? Actually it’s 42 Kindle 2 Tools, Kindle 1 Tools, and websites. However, we’ll get the list to 50 soon enough.

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