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    1. Amazon hasn’t indicated anything at this point. It seems that the smaller screen size could be an issue – however, there is no official word.

  1. I like your review about Kindle DX. Is Kindle 2 still a bargain or I should sell it? The big items for Kindle 2 was small device for reading (but books I want are not on Amazon yet). The PDF reports readings is not good. DX is now an option. But, I am two months late.

  2. Thanks, Switch11. I wish Amazon would make Kindle 2 a more usable device for all types of readings – books, reports, websites. It would get more public libraries get a few for their patrons. Think about it. If each public library or college library had at least one or two Kindle 2s, then Amazon would benefit. DX is great, but they need to maximize the potential of K2. They should have a forum: How to get most out of your K2? Each time, your wireless is on, Amazon would send some interesting updates about your K2. They need to look at Apple.

    1. When I turn on my reader I definitely DON’T WANT ADVERTISEMENTS!
      I can look for updates on my own schedule and mood. When I open my Kindle, I want to relax and read, that’s all. That is MY TIME, not commercial time.

      Don’t you think we are bombarded by updates, ads and commercials enough already?

  3. Before buying the Kindle2 I used an Axim by Dell and got any years of good service;

    But then I bought the K2 and made a big mistake doing so. The K2 is awkard to pick up unless you have a good wide hand span, the contrast is really poor (nothing like a book), I really hate the slide switch and the pics of dead people. It takes too many movements to accomplish a task, the K2 is limited to just book-news-and some sites. The web is a farce. But what really rankle s me is they charge to download free books from other sites…that’s like microsoft charging me for any downloads I make on my laptopl
    Really tacky. At $359 it cost about $100 more than I paid for my axim which performed many functions.

  4. I would just recommend purchasers review their warranty carefully. Like many electronic devices, the warranty is fairly limited, but unlike other electronic devices, you’ve also invested significant sums in books and magazines that you can only access through your Kindle. I had the original Kindle, which just died after 1.5 years of fun. I was given the option to replace mine with a refurbished one for another $99. If I don’t do that, I’ll lose access to well over $1000 in books that I purchased. Seems like a hostage situation to me.

  5. May I suggest an “About Us” page – your blog is very informative, but I’d like to know whether you have ties to Amazon, or are truly an independent reviewer?


    VEDow, Director
    WCPL, PA

  6. Is Amazon planning to have stores get K3? Another great way to beat Nook and iPad. Let me try some place. Why not target main stores in major cities (where people can get to), like Macy’s, Whole Foods, try different places for people to see K3?

  7. I feel sad… I have your blog on my Kindle, and I really like it, but I’m in a place where I have no 3G, EDGE, or GPRS reception! When I bring up the 311 page in settings and search for wireless providers, one 2G provider is detected, but when I select it or press “Switch automatically”, it still won’t connect me! I really miss your blog…

  8. I’m counting on you to let me know when they make a chess app for the Kindle! (All they need to do is make a user interface like Babaschess to connect to a chess server like freechess.org’s, I’d pay like 20 bucks for that!)

    Incredibly well done site! I feel lucky to have found it.

  9. You should try this weird Kindle feature that I discovered today. Here’s how you do it:

    1. Rapidly flick the sleep switch as if you wanted to turn your Kindle on and off really fast.

    2. The screen should go blank and a simple 1-bit font will appear and will read

    “Gathering information. This may take a min..

    Will restart when done..

    Please wait..”

    Then Kindle will reboot. I have a Kindle 3 (B006) so I don’t know if it works with any of the other Kindle models.

    You should really try out this feature that I discovered. And you should deffinitely write about it in your next post!

    1. Will have to wait since I currently need my Kindle 3 for testing etc. It does sound interesting. Did you find any logs or anything on your Kindle after doing this?

        1. Just stuff. I only have one Kindle 3 at the moment. So if something happens to it there’d be nothing left to try out the new apps and do testing of various things.

  10. I have a couple of questions:
    -Is there a list of shortcuts available so for instance we don’t have to go through the main menu page > experimental > browser > favorite > etc…
    -What is the archive folder for? I thought I would use it to archive books after I read them but it seems like I cannot add any book to this folder.
    Thanks again for your advice!

    1. GD, you can seach for ‘kindle start page tool’ to find a small tool I made that lets you create a list of shortcuts like you mention. However, it’s in a kindle document.

      Books that you delete from your Kindle are archived. So reading them doesn’t – only after you read them and delete them do they go to the Archive.

  11. Great tip regarding the Archive tool! I understand your response regarding how to personalize my start page with links to useful website. What I am looking for is mostly a list of keyboard shortcuts to certain functions (browser or not). Thanks!

    1. There are unfortunately no keyboard shortcuts to launch various things. I think you can do Alt+home to go to Kindle Store from anywhere and just search ‘kindle tips’ to find a list of tips and shortcuts – However, they are pretty limited.

    1. Decent. Note that it’s a 6″ screen which is much smaller than what PDFs are formatted for (11″). You can go to landscape mode which is a bit better, but still much smaller than what PDFs are formatted for.

      You can zoom and then pan and scroll around. However, it’s not ideal.

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