Top 25 Authors giving away free Kindle ebooks

As Kindles become more and more popular, the only way to get visibility will be to offer Free Kindle Editions of 1 or more of your books.

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The top 25 50 authors giving away free kindle books

Authors that get it and are giving away free kindle editions of their books include –

  1. Paulo Coelho gives away some of his books free at his Pirate Coelho Free Book blog.

    There were three books originally (and there might be more now) –

    1. Stories for Parents, Children, and Grandchildren. The Kindle compatible Editions Part 1, and Part 2.
    2. The Warrior of the Light Part1, Part2 and Part 3. Again, these are pdfs converted into prc format.
    3. The Way of the Bow. Kindle compatible Edition.

    Also, at the ‘Browse Inside – Full Access’ program, you can read –
    * Paulo Coelho’s The Winner Stands Alone.
    * The Zahir by Paulo Coelho.

  2. Naomi Novik – His Majesty’s Dragon. First book in the Temeraire Series. 4.5 stars and very good reviews. Have read it and it’s great. Bought 3 more of the series.
  3. Robin Hobb – Assassin’s Apprentice. Book 1 of the FarSeer Trilogy. The whole series rocks.

    Recommend it very strongly. All the books in this series and in the Naomi Novik series became bestsellers after people got a chance to try out the first.

  4. Blood Engines by T. A. Pratt.
  5. Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  First part of the Blind Geometer Trilogy.
  6. Charlie Huston has his books for free  at his blog PulpNoir and at Amazon.

    Have heard a lot of comments on multiple sites saying Charlie Huston’s books are definitely worth it.

  7. Seth Godin’s Tribes is free at Audible.
  8. Author Peter Watts shares his Rifter’s Trilogy books for free.
  9. John Kessel has his award winning collection of stories Baum Plan for Financial Independence and other Stories for free.
  10. Cory Doctorow has a lot of his books for free – check out his blog for links.

    Even though he’s been often critical of the Kindle, Cory’s been giving away free books for a long time and his blog is worth checking out.

  11. Randolph Lalonde has the first book of his First Light Chronicles Series, FreeGround, available as a free eBook – choose the .prc format (MobiPocket) for downloading to your Kindle 2.
  12. Cliff Burns has two Sci-Fi novels for free on his blog.
  13. From Pedro Vera – 2 free novels.
  14. Craig Murray’s free Congo book –

    Author Craig Murray is self-publishing his new book The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflicts I Have Known, covering his years as a diplomat in Africa. He did have a publisher, Mainstream, but the firm bowed out after Tim Spicer (founder of the mercenary firm Aegis) threatened legal action over references to him in the book

  15.  R. W. Ridley’s ‘The Takers’ – go ahead and read it. Highly Recommended. Had to read it at one go, and ended up staying up till 4 am.
  16.  Jeff VanderMeer is a two-time World Fantasy Award winner – here’s a  PDF copy of Van der Meer’s upcoming book The Situation at GeekDad.
  17. A FireFly novel by Steven Burst – available in .pdf & .doc format at his website

Still 33 authors away from a top 50 list, and hoping to find more authors giving away books.

Top 10 Publisher Initiatives

  1. Free Sci-Fi, Fantasy books from Baen at the Baen Library. Its been around for a while and the books are top-notch. Authors include –

    Aaron Allston, Andre Norton, John F. Carr, Jeffery A. Carver, David Drake, Eric Flint, Michael Flynn, Dave Freer, Scott Gier, Roland Green, Sarah Hoyt, Karen Koehler, Mercedes Lackey, Keith Laumer, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, John Ringo, Richard Roach, Fred Saberhagen, Marc Stiegler, D. W. St. John, Harry Turtledove, Lars Walker, David Weber, K. D. Wentworth, Michael Z. Williamson.

  2. Amazon, for adding over 7,000 free kindle books to the Kindle Store. You can search through just free books with the Kindle Book Search Tool at bookmonk.
  3. Browse Inside by Harper Collins.  The ‘Browse Inside – Full Access’ program lets you literally read the whole book on your PC. April 20th there were 18 books with Full Access, including –

    * The two Paulo Coelho books mentioned earlier.
    * The Peter Principle by Dr. Laurence J. Peter.
    * The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar.
    * Quite a few romance novels.
    * Some Vampire related books.
    * The first book of 2 Erin Hunter series – Seekers and Warriors.

  4. Suvodu Free Library From Random House at Terry Brooks’s Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold!, and Elizabeth Moon’s Trading in Danger to be added soon.
  5. Amazon, for finally adding a Kindle Deals section in the Kindle Store.
  6. eHarelequin for having 17 free ebooks in celebration of their 60th Anniversary. Kindle format versions are available at the Kindle Store Deals section (link on the line above).

This is a first step in creating a ‘Kindle Welcome Pack’ that any Kindle owner (K1, Kindle 2, or Kindle 3) could download to kick-start their ebooks collection. Hopefully Amazon takes up the idea and starts sending out Kindles with most of these titles pre-loaded.

Please feel free to add a comment about your free book. Here are a few things to keep in mind –

  1. Do link to where we can download the book, ideally the Kindle Store. Do let us know if you’re published, etc.
  2. The book has to be Free, and not just for a week or a month.  Free first book in a series is accepted, and appreciated.
  3. Kindle format (.prc or .mobi) is preferred. Formats that do not work on the Kindle (ePub etc.) are not accepted (except PDF as it can be converted).

Thanks for reading and hope you found some interesting books for your Kindle 2 or Kindle 1.

11 thoughts on “Top 25 Authors giving away free Kindle ebooks”

  1. Thanks for the nice summary. Note that item 4 by Harry Turtledove is just a sample, not the whole book, as far as I can tell, and that item 8 is an audiobook not an ebook. Also, I think Baen deserves higher mention because they’ve been doing it longer. Their free library has been around for several years, and the quality is first-rate.

  2. From Sam Landstrom:
    You can now get MetaGame for free in it’s .mobi format here:

    Also, if you’d rather use whispernet to get it from the Amazon store, you can get it for a penny here:

    I realize 1 penny isn’t free, but the Amazon store won’t let indie authors give their stuff away on their store. Only larger publishers seem able to swing that deal. ):

  3. Marjorie – if you’re talking about getting your books added to the Kindle Store please check Kindle DTP – .

    For adding it to the list, just add a comment once the books are added to the kindle store (if they are free).

    If they’re not free, please find any post on independent authors on this blog and add a comment there.

  4. The link to the 20 books brings you in a roundabout way back to this thread on this blog from 2009. See top of page for listing. Many of the books listed are no longer free. Other sites no longer exist. Some links take you to the current home page of the sites which don’t have 2009 books listed (i.e. the home page that is I didn’t go looking for them.)

    Three on Amazon which are no longer free are:

    His Majesty’s Dragon
    Assassin’s Apprentice
    Blood Engines

      1. I think that, for now, most people who see that the posts were made in 2009 will automatically know that the list may no longer be valid, so IMHO that point in time doesn’t necessarily need to be soon.

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