Kindle 2 Waterproof Case – Trendy Digital’s Case for Kindle 1 & 2

Trendy Digital’s Waterguard waterproof case for the Kindle 2 is pretty cool, especially now that summer and the beaches are around the corner.

There are two models of the kindle waterguard cases –

  1. The TD019 Kindle 2 waterproof case which has been available since April 13th. It shows and mentions an adjustable strap that lets you wear it around your neck or shoulder. This one works with both Kindles too. 

    Waterproof Kindle 2 Case, Waterproof Kindle 1 Case
    Waterproof Kindle 2 Case, Waterproof Kindle 1 Case
  2. The TD021 Kindle 1 and 2 waterproof case which has been made available today itself. This one has a purple border. There is however no mention of a strap as in the model below. It works for both K1 and K2.

The product details are similar for both models, except the TD021 has a purple border, and the TD019 has a blue border –

  • TD019 – Designed specifically for Amazon Kindle 2. Works with both K1 and K2.
  • TD021 – works for both K1 and K2.
  • Tested submersible to 12 feet (4 meters).
  • Weighs just 2.6 ounces.
  • You can operate the keyboard and navigation button of your Kindle right through the case.
  • The UV-stabilized material won’t be broken down or discolored by sunlight.
  • WaterGuard protects against water, dust, dirt, sand and frost.
  • Wear around neck or shoulder with adjustable strap (only for TD019). 
  • The product description clearly indicates that even dropping your Kindle 2 into the tub, as long as it is in the waterguard case, ought not to be an issue –

    The WaterGuard Waterproof Case (TM) guards against any wet environment that Kindle 2 might be exposed to. It is a perfect companion when you bring your Kindle for beach reading. It provides great protection when you get stuck in a rainstorm or accidentally drop your bag in a wet surface. When using the WaterGuard case, the Kindle 2 can be slipped directly into the WaterGuard pocket and the transparent surface provides easy interaction with the keyboard and navigation buttons.

    The older TD021 model has jumped to #5 in the eBook Cases category (although this doesn’t cover all Kindle 2 cases) and the demand probably led to Trendy Digital creating a waterproof case that works for both Kindle 2 and Kindle 1.

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