Kindle DX paperless society, Kindle Editions 35% of sales

There are loads of great pieces of information about Kindle DX and DX features in Mr. Bezos’ talk today –

Kindle DX Related

  1. “Kindle is now a family,” with two models, Mr. Bezos said.
  2. 90K books were available when Kindle 1 was released. Now 275K books, 45K of which are added in the last 3 months.  
  3. 60% of Textbooks available courtesy 3 of the big 4 publishers – Addison Wiley, Cengage Learning, Pearson. McGraw Hill are missing.
  4. Reduced price Kindle DX from newspapers trial program – However, only in areas where newspaper delivery doesn’t exist. Rather short-sighted in my opinion.
  5. Mr. Bezos on newspapers –

    “What about newspapers? They’ve been ‘absolute best-seller’ on Kindle.”

  6. Types of documents shown on Kindle DX included Sheet Music, PDF documents, tax documents.
  7. Love how 11:06 am is when the price was revealed at the news conference. Especially because had the price listed around 10:30 am. 

For books available for Kindle, Kindle Editions account for 35% of sales

That is a staggering number. There was a chart showing that when the Kindle 2 was released it was around the 13% mark and now, after three months of Kindle 2, it’s at 35%.

This is what Mr. Bezos said –

Kindle sales are now 35% of books where we have Kindle editions — that’s coincident with the launch of Kindle 2.

That’s just stunning – 35%. Physical Retailers need to get really, really worried. Given that Amazon owns 8-10% of the books market, that means as more and more Kindle Editions become available we’ll see 3-4% of all books sold be Kindle Editions.  And this is before Kindle DX and its impact.

The Paperless Society hasn’t materialized

Mr. Bezos basically said that we haven’t eliminated paper – in fact, we haven’t even reduced it much.

The Stanford team doing the Kindle DX study spoke of this too. The behavior is to ‘print out’ our electronic documents and take them with us.

Look at any profession – lawyers, sales, even tech and book publishing – people just print out their emails, their 30-40 page documents, their TPS reports, and read them on paper

Mr. Bezos said –

  1. Most reading is still done on paper. We print out our emails and documents and reports and take them with us. There is no reading technology as good as Paper … until now.
  2. Most reading is done on 8.5″ by 11″ paper (letter size).

The Kindle DX addresses this need for a big display, and the portability and ability to read your documents, books, and more.

An interesting note on sizes is that an 8.5″ by 11″ size paper has a 13.9″ diagonal – that means a surface area of nearly double that of the Kindle DX. And that the Kindle DX screen is probably around 6.25″ by 7.75″.

Kindle DX related Links

The eReader Pilot Program at Stanford – Good insight on what they’re trying to use Kindle DX for.

CrunchGear’s rotation video – [youtube=]

Makes me think its rather inconsiderate of Amazon to remove the left handed buttons from the Kindle DX.

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