Kindle DX ? Pictures of Large Screen Kindle DX

Update: Kindle DX now available at Amazon for $489. The Amazon page has a video too.

Here’s a picture –

Kindle DX with 9.7" screen and PDF Support

Kindle DX with 9.7″ screen and PDF Support

Here’s another picture showing PDF support –

Kindle DX with PDF support

Kindle DX with PDF support

Engadget were the first to get hazy images and get the name right – Kindle DX, and not Kindle 3. Probably because Kindle DX is going to be a separate line.

DX? DS in the Nintendo DS stands for Dual Screen. Is DX for dual sized screen?

Update: WSJ has details on a 6 university Kindle DX trial starting Fall. Also that it will have a more fully functional browser.

Amazon has worked out a deal with several textbook publishers to make their materials available for the device, Mr. Gonick added. The new device will also feature a more fully functional Web browser, he said. …

The key details the photos and the WSJ article reveal –

  1. PDF Support (rumored – please wait for an official confirmation).
  2. A more Fully functional browser.
  3. Ability to add annotations in addition to bookmarks and notes. Not sure what this means. The pictures do not show this.
  4. Kindle DX’s 9.7″ screen seems much larger than the Kindle 2″. This would make sense because a 9.7″ diagonal means much more screen real estate than a 6″ diagonal. Seeing the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX side by side is a revelation. The screen seems at least double in size.
  5. There seem to be no buttons on the left side. That’s tough for left handed people. 
  6. The keyboard seems to be a tiny version – There are only three rows above the space bar – which doesn’t make sense as it rules out a qwerty layout (unless Kiindle DX has no number keys). 
  7. The right side and the 5-way controller seem to be identical to the K2.
  8. The screen resolution on the Kindle DX seems to be identical to Kindle 2.
  9. Size of the border/case around the screen seems to be identical. The larger screen makes it seem thinner though – probably an optical illusion.

NYTimes is cutting the price on its newspaper subscription to sub $10 a month.

Can’t wait for Wednesday’s formal announcement and to get all the details on Kindle DX.

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