Kindle Exclusives Section in Kindle Store, free ebooks

Amazon now has a ‘Kindle Exclusives’ section in the Kindle Store. Currently featuring  –

  1. A lot of guidebooks – OffBeat Guides and Frommer’s 12 city CitySet.
  2. Newsweek Presidential Biographies.
  3. A Mitch Albom Commencement Speech.

Its rather sparse at the moment – However, we ought to see a couple or so Kindle exclusives added every month.

In the mean time here are a few Kindle goodies –

  1. A $1 ebook – Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rerden for $1 all through May. This the monthly ‘Orbit Books $1 ebook’ special. 
  2. Charles de Lint’s Spirit Walk for free (courtsy Tor).
  3. CrossRoads: Navigate Your Calling and Career by Colin Creel free for the month of May. Published by Crossway.
  4. Solaris Books has Jeffrey Thomas’ DeadStock for free.
  5. Bruce Eckel’s Free Programming Books. Highly recommended.
  6. Richard Herley has a ‘Pay 3 pounds per book if you enjoy them’ offer at his blog.

A few of these books (Tor, Solaris, Herley) are courtesy links at MobileRead.

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