Publish Your Blog for Kindle users – Kindle Publishing for Blogs

Amazon has just launched Kindle Publishing for Blogs which lets absolutely anyone publish their blog for the Kindle. It’s in Beta right now.

Sure that number of blogs available will balloon from 1,500 to tens of thousands now that the lengthy approval process has been removed.

The entire process took just 15 minutes. You do need a screenshot of your blog, and an image as a masthead (which is what will show up on the Kindle when people read your blog). It says that the blog will be live in 48 to 72 hrs.

Kindle Publishing for Blogs launches
Kindle Publishing for Blogs launches

This is much, much better than the slow manual approval process that was happening earlier.

It seems that if you choose daily updates or multiple updates a day options your blog gets priced at $1.99.

So go ahead and add your blog.  The Kindle 2 Review Blog is now up at Amazon.

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