Kindle DX Tips – Top 25

We now have our Tips for Kindle App out with 133 Kindle DX tips and tricks (most work on Kindle DX). It’s just $1 and even lets you add tips you find elsewhere – so that you can have one reference for all the Kindle Tips you find.

These are the best Kindle DX tips and tricks that have been found yet. Some of the tips in the Kindle Top Tips list and in the Kindle 2 Top Tips list also apply to the DX – so do take a look at those too.

Kindle DX – Top 10 Tips

#1 Convert PDF Files

Just kidding ;). Kindle DX PDF support is built-in. Just load PDF files and they work. Do look at my Kindle DX PDF FAQ.

#2 Get Free Books for your Kindle DX

There’s a whole free kindle book post devoted to this. The top 3 options in my mind –

  1. The Kindle Store has 7,000+ free books.
  2. Check out just the new free books (i.e. non public domain) at this free book list page.
  3. have all their free books in kindle format.
  4. Gutenberg is another good option and they’ve been gradually adding kindle formats for their books.

#3 Shortcuts for the DX

Will be updated. These are just a few for now –

  1. Alt+B to bookmark a page.
  2. Alt+Space Bar – Play background music.
  3. Alt+F – play next track.
  4. Shift (up arrow) + Symbol (SYM key) – Start or stop Read TO Me (text to speech). Pause or resume TTS by pressing the spacebar.
  5. Press Spacebar to pause and resume playing of Audible files (audiobooks).
  6. Alt+Shift+G to take a screenshot.

#4 MineSweeper and Gomoku

There are two games supported –

  1. MineSweeper – Press Alt+Shift+M to go to Minesweeper.
  2. Gomoku – Press Alt+Shift+M to go to Minesweeper page. Then press ‘G’ button to go to gomoku. This is a Go like game.

#4 Change Font Sizes and Number of Words per line.

The Kindle and Kindle 2 let you change font sizes – a major benefit to avoid tiring your eyes or to better suit your eyesight. Kindle DX adds on the option to change the number of words per line.

  1. Press the Text Key (Aa key on the keyboard) to bring up this Menu –
    Kindle DX Font Size and Word per Line Menu
    Kindle DX Font Size and Word per Line Menu
  2. Navigate using the 5 way controller and choose your font size.
  3. Then move down to the words per line option and choose your setting.
  4. The Kindle DX screen updates in real time (you don’t have to leave the menu) so you can see how your setting looks.

#5 Change Line Spacing Does not work on Kindle DX

This works on the Kindle 2 and does not work on Kindle DX –

  1. Line Spacing  [wpvideo WGyygtPb].
  2. Line Spacing (reading difference) – [wpvideo 04AlznG6].

#6 Auto-Rotate

Just change the orientation of the Kindle DX.

You can also read it upside down or left handed using auto-rotate. You can press the Text Key (Aa key on keyboard) to lock the DX into a particular orientation.

Flip the DX's orientation
Flip the DX's orientation

#8 Read To Me

Note that Read To Me does not work in PDFs. If you convert a PDF to Kindle format and then read it, then Read To Me does work.

  1. Press the Aa key to go to theFont Size/Read To Me Menu.
  2. Use the 5 way controller to navigate to the Text-to-Speech row and press the 5 way controller to turn it on.
  3. This will turn on Text To Speech – It’ll take a minute or so after you exit the menu for the Text to Speech to start.
  4. If you want to change the speed or the voice (male or female), you’ll have to go into the menu again.
  5. Changing from male to female takes an additional minute before TTS starts with the new voice setting.

Note: Certain publishers like Random House turn off this feature.

#9 Free Document conversion

It works on Kindle DX –

Instructions from Amazon’s page (the ‘converting your personal documents’ section is what you should look at) –

If you are not in a wireless area or would like to avoid the ten-cent fee, you can send attachments to “name” to be converted and e-mailed back to your computer at the e-mail address associated with your account. You can then transfer the document to your Kindle DX using your USB connection.

Note: you can email zip files and Amazon will unzip them and convert any files that are Kindle Compatible.

#10 Return An Item you purchased accidentally 

You can choose to either –

  1.  Use the order cancellation feature that is presented at the time of purchase on the order confirmation page.
  2. Contact Amazon at the Kindle Support page – they’ll call you back immediately using click to call.

Kindle DX Tips #11 – #25

#11 Kindle Support Numbers

Inside the US: 1-866-321-8851.

From outside the US: 1-206-266-0927.

#12 Kindle Operating and Storage Temperature

Do read the rather helpful section at the very end of the Kindle DX User Guide for further details. Basic guidelines for DX are –

  1. Operating Temperature: 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s zero to 35 degrees Celsius).
  2. Storage Temperature: 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s minus ten to 45 degrees Celsius).

#13 Reading on the DX for Left Handed Readers (or with your left hand)

The Kindle DX lets you not only switch to landscape mode, it also lets you do upside down and upside down landscape mode. Although it results in a rather awkward ‘keyboard on top of the screen’ alignment, this lets you read and access page turn buttons while holding the DX in your left hand.

My Take: A bad design decision.

Tips #14-25 will be added later.

That’s it for now! This is based on the rather well written Kindle DX User Guide (get it in Kindle/Kindle 2 compatible format) and tips found around the Internet.

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    1. what do you mean open source. Kindle doesn’t support ePub. If you mean free public domain books, has them in kindle edition. i’ll add a tip on free books that links to my free books post.

  1. The number provided in #11 – 206255**** – is not correct. That number is my private mobile number. Please correct this error.


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