Kindle Link Love

Here are some good, recent posts and articles on Kindle, Dx, publishing and books –

  1. Dr. Driscoll talks about Kindle for low vision patients at Publishers’ Weekly
  2. Elton has a very good post – Why the Kindle is the Future of Publishing, and he points out a key thing Kindle detractors are missing i.e. the ability to see what the long term vision for the Kindle is.
  3. Insight Media thinks 2 million ereaders will sell this year and the number will balloon to 19 million by 2013. 
  4. Andrys at ‘A Kindle World’ writes about the fact that PDF files on the DX might accept notes. The User Guide for the DX says they don’t. This is probably a limitation put in to stall piracy of textbooks via scanned image PDFs.
  5. ePublishers Weekly lists 10 reasons ebooks should be cheaper than physical books.
  6. Forbes has a rather short article on the founder of Interead (the company selling the Cool-er reader). I like how they’ve theorized that Kindle will have to change based on the data point of one entrepreneur starting a company that has been selling products for less than a week.

My thought for the day: Newspapers and Book Publishers are still not getting that they cannot support their outdated, inefficient organizations in the new economy.

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