Zagg Invisible Shield for Kindle, Kindle 2 – 50% off

Zagg make a rather interesting product – the Invisible Shield. They have specific versions for the Kindle, and for the Kindle 2, and until May 27th, you can get 50% off –

  1. You can go to the Kindle Invisible Shield or the Kindle 2 Invisible Shield page.
  2. Choose full body coverage or screen coverage.
  3. Add it to your cart.  
  4. Go to the Cart Page and there’s a field ‘Enter a Discount Code’ (see image below if you can’t find it) –  

    Zagg Invisible Shield
    Zagg Invisible Shield
  5. Enter ‘memday09’.

50% off is a pretty good deal. The Zagg invisible shield always seemed expensive. However, it definitely looks like it would do a great job protecting your Kindle.  You can choose just the screen coverage option or full body coverage –

Zagg full body shield protection
Zagg full body shield protection

 They also have customer testimonials and snippets from reviews from various sites.

3 thoughts on “Zagg Invisible Shield for Kindle, Kindle 2 – 50% off”

  1. I have ZAGG Invisible Shields for my iPhone, MacBook Air and iPod and really love them. That being said, they were not all that easy to install and I shudder at trying to get all those little bits placed correctly on the K2 Full Body coverage. I think I’d go for just the screen if I already had a cover.

    A nice side effect of the ZAGGs are it gives you a much more secure grip on the device (especially useful with the MacBook Air) and if I preferred to use my K2 without a cover, I’d find somebody with better fine motor skills and have *them* install the Full Body coverage 🙂

  2. Unless you like seeing a reflection of your own face while you are reading, don’t waste your money. Also, the product is not as easy to install as you would think. If you are lucky enough to get rid of all the bubbles and bumps, you will still be annoyed by the amount of glare. I sat down to read a day after installing the Zagg Invisible Shield on my Kindle 2 and noticed I could see the reflection of my face. If Zagg would produce a non-glare version of this shield, I would try it again. It works great for cell phones but on a reading device, the glare needs to go.

  3. The bubbles and bumps will dissipate over time. I, too, have applied the InvisibleShield to iPods, iPhones, RAZR phones, Pioneer Inno, and a MacBook. Although I am sensitive to the irregularities at first I got used to it. Most people do not even notice the shield. More to the point, it does not interfere with use at all. And I would rather have the tiny footprint and great protection it offers compared to hauling around a cumbersome case.

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