AmazonKindle – Access your highlights and notes online

Amazon has added a BIG new feature – If you go to you can now view all your Kindle Notes and Highlights. You can’t share them – however, it’s really good to be able to access them online.

You’re initially welcomed with a simple message –

Our customers have told us that they love being able to add highlights and notes to their Kindle books, and now we’ve made it possible for you to access your highlights and notes here at AmazonKindle.

To view your highlights and notes from your browser, sign in with your Amazon account, and select one of your books where you’ve added highlights or notes.

Once you log-in you get your ‘Reading List’ which shows all the paid books you’ve bought. It initially only showed 11 of my purchases – However, after using it for 5 minutes it updated and showed all of them including the free books and calendars (though not my personal documents) –  

AmazonKindle Your Reading List - list of your purchases
AmazonKindle Your Reading List - list of your purchases

You can click on any one book and go in and see how many notes and highlights you’ve made, your rating of the book, the book’s rating at Amazon, it actually shows your notes and highlights, and customer reviews. Here’s what it looks like (of course, this is a book I haven’t read yet) –

AmazonKindle Book View
AmazonKindle Book View

AmazonKindle is a really good addition. There are complaints already that you can’t share your notes and highlights. Personally, more interested in Kindle for PC (or Kindle Online) i.e. being able to read my purchases online.

Bottomline is that this is a good addition and a positive step. Coming quick on the heels of all the other Kindle additions in May (and the kindle dx) this is a really good sign.

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  1. I subscribe to Soundview Executive Book Summary. They have now made their summaries available for use on Kindle. But, I have noticed that when I highlight text and then go to view it, as you describe above, I don’t see the summaries listed in the list of my books. I can’t access my notes online. Any suggestions?

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