Free Kindle Book deluge – June

The beginning of June sees a deluge of free books that are taking over the Kindle Bestseller lists (found via posts on Kindle Korner) –

  1. Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! Very well reviewed with a  4.5 star rating. Currently #17 in the Kindle Store.
  2. Star Wars’ Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice (#2 in the Kindle Store) –

    PRECIPICE includes an exclusive excerpt from STAR WARS: FATE OF THE JEDI: OMEN (Del Rey Hardcover, available June 23rd) and offers a unique look into the backstory of events that will begin to unfold in OMEN.

  3. For Love of Mother Not by Alan Dean Foster.
  4. The earlier discussed free pilot script – Nurse Jackie on Showtime.

    Burse Jackie starring three-time Emmy winning actress Edie Falco
    Burse Jackie starring three-time Emmy winning actress Edie Falco
  5. Performance Criteria: Droid Wars I. Note: this is an erotic novel.
  6. Orbit’s $1 ebook is back – Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan.

That’s 4 free kindle books, a free script and a $1 ebook. Not bad at all. Do note that you can go to BookMonk dot com and use the kindle free book search tool that covers free public domain books and free new books at the Kindle Store. To search through just the New free books check this kindle free book list link.

At the moment, there are something like 11 free books, 15 free romance novels, and 2 free bibles. The 4 new free books don’t show up yet for some reason (will take a look at it in the next few days). 

Also, these aren’t yet mentioned on the Kindle Deals page or on the official Amazon Kindle blog. Another good source for cheap books for the Kindle is Books on the Knob – they cover $1 and $2 ebooks which we don’t.

5 thoughts on “Free Kindle Book deluge – June”

  1. “magic kingdom for sale: SOLD” was one of my all-time favorite books as a kid, and ive reread it a number of times since. it still holds up, and i recommend it highly for some light-hearted fantasy reading.

    also, i havent read “midnight never come” but i HAVE read the warrior/witch books and recommend them…

  2. I have published a book, Web On-The-Go in Amazon Kindle version.
    Here is the link for the book –

    This book is all about innovative ideas for wireless web.
    I’ll be very glad if you could review the book, Web On-The-Go.

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    1. Bala, have emailed you.
      However, for anyone looking to promote their ebook –
      1) Due to the time the blog takes can’t really review books. Reading a book and adding a review takes 3 to 4 to more hours and that’s enough time to do a video of how to convert a pdf to kindle format and research and write a faq. the latter is going to win out every time.
      2) If you’re willing to do a special price for kindle owners, then will gladly add your book the next time a free or independent book post goes up.
      3) If you’re a new author looking to build your brand then perhaps you should consider the fact that most successful independent authors in the Kindle Store are succeeding with $1 – $2 book prices.

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