Kindle Canada on its way, will arrive after Indigo EReader

7th October, 2009: Kindle 2 International has been released for 174 countries – sadly Kindle Canada is missing. Amazon do have a note saying they are working on it and should have an update soon.

The international kindle ships from the US and import duties and postage are added on to the $279 price.

The big news is that Indigo Books Canada are working on an exclusive deal to bring an ereader into Canada by end of 2009. The Brave New World had the scoop and here’s more from the CTV blog –

Indigo Books & Music Inc. are currently in final talks with a number of E-Book Reader manufacturers and will be choosing one to launch as their own here in Canada by the end of this year [CEO Heather Reisman] … willing only to confirm that it won’t be the Sony Reader, already available and supported by Sony’s own online E-Book store, nor Amazon’s Kindle which has yet to find a launch in Canada.

Wasn’t Kindle supposed to be in Canada already?

Yes, except it isn’t – which leaves the Canadian market open for Indigo. The reason for there being no Amazon Kindles in Canada is the standard ‘we can’t work out a carrier deal’ excuse. However, it probably has more to do with Canada not being as lucrative a market as the US, or the West European countries.

The move by Indigo Books is great since it puts some pressure on Amazon to figure out a Kindle Canada plan by end 2009 or risk losing first mover advantage.  

Quill and Quire point out that Canadian publishing houses have heard nothing from Indigo 😉 and that Indigo won’t confirm the reports.  

Indigo is looking to strengthen ShortCovers

Indigo books jumped into ebooks on Feb 27, 2009 with its Shortcovers Mobile App. Currently, 

  1. ShortCovers is available on the iPhone, for the BlackBerry, and on Android.  
  2. You can buy books or individual chapters.  
  3. You can also get blogs, poems, articles, short stories, and fan fiction.
Indigo ShortCovers
Indigo ShortCovers

An Indigo branded eReader that accesses Shortcovers ebooks makes perfect sense. Revealing their plans this early was rather hasty. 

In addition to this ‘exclusive’ ereader, Shortcovers are making some additional good moves –  

  1. They updated their iPhone and BlackBerry Apps on the 22nd of May.
  2. They’ve been reducing prices and promising even better prices as usage grows. 
  3. They are opening up the ShortCovers platform for developers.

Indigo Books are a Canadian company so it makes sense for them to test an Indigo EReader in Canada first (they have the retail locations, brand, etc.). If they can release before the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX hit Canada they get a bit of an advantage. Also, if they’re successful, expect them to jump into the US market in 2010.

Where does that leave the Canada eReader Scene?

The current scenario in Canada is –

  1. You can get the Sony PRS505 for $349 and the Sony Reader PRS700 for $449 from BestBuy Canada
  2. Indigo’s ‘exclusive’ ereader ought to be available by end 2009.
  3. No known date for a Kindle 2 Canada launch. Kindle DX will probably arrive at the same time.

The threat to the Kindle of an Indigo branded eReader is pretty significant. Amazon ought to hammer out the carrier deals and international book rights contracts they need – soon.

2 thoughts on “Kindle Canada on its way, will arrive after Indigo EReader”

  1. You know? All Amazon has to do is decide on a junior model (well, they say it’s a family now) that does NOT have wireless built in, just like the other small readers are doing.

    Maybe it can be smaller that way — on the other hand, they should add an SD slot as most of the others are doing, unless the reason they don’t have one for the K2 is actually to prevent cards of books from other sources. We all find a method anyway 🙂 and they know it.

    I used to think it was because of indexing probs during wireless sessions as people move their books back and forth – not to mention the backup complications that way.

    Keep the inline dictionary, the search, the highlighting, notes, and provide provide native PDF support, as all the other e-readers can now (not that those e-readers have the more important (to me) features of the Kindle.. They could go into Canada that way. Even the UK if they get the copyright part squared away. They do with the hardcopy books, no?

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