Kindle – Father’s day gift?

Amazon is advertising the Kindle 2 as a Father’s Day gift on its main page –

Kindle for Father's Day?
Kindle for Father's Day?

No idea why they show a Bill Russell and Red Auerbach image on the Kindle 2.

Kindle for Father’s Day – Does it make sense?

At first glance I thought a Kindle for Father’s Day didn’t make sense – a $359 gift. Who can afford it in these times?

There is, however, something to be said for a gift that lets you read books in large sized fonts, can be used easily (without any need for tech savvy), and lets you carry around thousands of books.

If you can afford to gift a kindle, its a reasonable assumption that your dad probably falls into the age range where having large sized fonts and read to me functionality is a big bonus.

I recall searching through hundreds of watches to find a Diesel watch that had the time displayed digitally in large sized numerals. So that my Dad wouldn’t have to squint or search for his glasses. A Kindle 2 would make a great gift for him.

Reasons a Kindle 2 makes a good Father’s Day Gift

  1. Its great for anyone who loves to read.  
  2. Changeable Font Sizes means its easy on the eyes.  
  3. eInk is much easier to read than a computer screen.
  4. The convenience of carrying around hundreds or thousands of books, and buying books instantly.
  5. Read To Me feature to have books read to you (when not disabled by publishers).
  6. Its something that gets used a lot, ensuring you’re constantly in your dad’s thoughts. 

$359 is a big amount so don’t feel as if you must buy your dad one and definitely don’t feel bad if its outside your budget. Perhaps your dad is going to enjoy the single malt whisky or the golf clubs more. However, if you can afford it, its definitely worth considering – take a look at my in-depth kindle 2 review and at the kindle 2 videos for more.

Reasons you should think twice

  1. The price is definitely on the high side.
  2. The Kindle DX is around the corner. Although its $489 price makes it even tougher of a gift decision than the Kindle 2. 
  3. Kindle 2 is only for people who like to read.  
  4. Check the videos to make sure the contrast is good enough for your dad if he has low vision.
  5. There are rumors that Apple is going to come out with a $99 or $149 iPhone in a few days. Perhaps you might want to consider that instead.  

Closing Thoughts on Kindle for Father’s Day

You really have to consider what your dad would like for father’s day and how suited a Kindle would be for him. The demographic skew of Kindle owners does indicate that its a big hit with people over 40 (supposedly 70%+ of kindle owners are over 40). Its also a great gift because if your Dad reads he’d always have it with him and use it a lot and it’d be a constant reminder of your love for him.   

The more I think about it the more the Kindle seems like a great gift for my dad. Just have to figure out the country to country to country transfers. Amazon’s ‘Share up to 6 Kindles on an Account’ becomes particularly helpful as we would be able to pool books (despite living in separate countries – ha ha – so the kindle actually helps sharing of books in some cases 😉 ).

Amazon are onto something here – they need to figure out a way to make it a year round thing.

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